Secretary stories

Chapter 1 - jill

My name is Jill. I graduated from WCC and landed my first job as secretary in Jackson Mississippi in June. The job seemed both monotonous and stressful at the same time, but it paid well. Plus, my boss was Jay, the youngest partner at Ripley & Smith Law and a very handsome guy.

I had no idea what was coming at this point. Back then I was a sexy 5'5 120 lb 21 year. I knew I was cute, and I was in very good shape. This contrasted with the two other secretaries in the office, Mari and Abby. Not that they weren't cute or young. But they both had some extra padding. They were kind of chubby cute. They seemed nice though.

My first day, I noticed a big jar of candy was in the break room, and that there were baked goods. I quickly learned that Jay usually brought in the baked goods and left them in the break room for the secretaries to snack on. I also learned that all the other girls were really jealous that I was working for the hottest guy in the office, and maybe in all of Jackson.

The following week, Jay started putting the baked goods on a table next to my cubical. He said he knew it would slow down my productivity a bit, but it would be good for me to meet all the other women in the office quickly, and this would help. He was right all of the women started to congregate around my desk and get to know me. Initially I didn't want to eat any because I didn't want to get chubby like them, but Mari and Abby always wanted me to have a snack if they did, because they "felt bad" if I didn't. So I would nibble here and there. I figured it wouldn't matter much as long as I ate a bit less after work and kept going for runs.

For a while, I was right. My regiment of healthy eating outside the office and exercise kept me quite trim. But eventually this started to flag. It wasn't fun eating healthy EVERY night. Plus I started going out with Mari and Abby a few nights a week which made it harder to run regularly. By December I had put on 10 lbs. I wasn't too worried though. 5'5 130 is still pretty good, and I liked the extra curves it gave me. I did notice that my co workers were filling out though. Abby had gained a bit, but Mari had put on a lot of weight since I'd started. She was really starting to look pretty fat. Maybe 5'7 and at least 200 now. I figured the weight gain must have been from more snacking, Jay had moved the baked goods to a table over by her desk. Something was weird though. I'd heard she was banging Jay, but I just assumed it must have started before she got big.

Over the next year my weight crept up steadily. I gained 20 lbs that year. I was kind of frustrated by it. I thought that 150 was a lot for 23, but I had no time to get it under control. Work was always so busy that I just needed to unwind after. There was never a good time to exercise. And anyway, I was curvy as fuck, so... maybe it wasn't all bad.

Around this time Mari got fired. The janitor had walked in on her fat ass naked and giving Jay a blow job and reported it immediately. It was either her or Jay, and it wasn't going to be him. He made the firm too much money. I still couldn't believe they were a thing. She had to way almost 300 lbs by then. Anyway, I guess that ended them.

After the Mari incident, Jay moved the snacks back to my desk. Didn't he know that my will power was deteriorating?

Three months later, Mari's replacement started. She was a cute little blonde girl named Leah. Jay moved the snacks again this time to be over by her, I assume so we would meet her. Thank god he moved them. I'd put on 20 lbs in just 3 months! I was starting to look thick. I knew it was the good kind of thick, my ass was fat, boobs were big and somehow my stomach had stayed flat, but still. Really though, the only thing I was worried about was how thick and fat my thighs were getting and that I'd lost all tone in my arms. At least I didn't look like Abby though. Shit she was getting fat. She had to be up to 250 lbs.

Six months later, Abby quit. I heard that her husband had walked in on her and Jay fucking and shit hit the fan. I'm not sure why that made her quit though. Any, Jay really seems to bang a lot of fatties. By quitting time I swear Abby weighed 320 lbs. I was starting to get worried about my own situation though. I was up to 195 and while I was still thick as fuck. I was worried I was starting to get fat. That's when Jay asked me out to lunch.

Holy shit, he was a charmer. Literally as soon as he turned his attention to me I melted. I fucked him in the bathroom that day. How could I say no? It wasn't like I had will power anymore.

The next day, I noticed the baked goods were back next to my desk. Probably good for Leah, she was looking like she hadn't said no to them for one second, but I knew it was bad news for me though.

The next month alone I put on 15 lbs. I was up to 210! My life was spinning. I was fucking my boss in the office and going out to fancy dinners almost every night. At dinner I always drank more than I meant to, and would usually eat most of the desert Jay ordered. I had no time to worry about my weight. And honestly, I couldn't say no to a snack, my life was a whirlwind of hedonism. Sex, food, booze on repeat, the pounds were piling on.

I didn't even notice that he'd moved the snacks to the new girl, Gina's desk. He made sure he brought me plenty so it didn't matter.

By my 25th birthday I was up to 300 lbs. My ass was huge and my thighs were tree trunks. My boobs had become enormous, and my belly had finally started to develop. It was getting harder to move around, but I didn't care. Nothing existed anymore except for Jay and food.

Yesterday, I got fired. What the fuck!? Fucking Leah's fat ass caught me and Jay banging in the break room really late one night and she reported us to HR. It must have been quite the sight though, to see Jay and me fucking. As always, Jay was in great shape. Meanwhile, in my spiral of hedonism I'd grown to 440 lbs. My ass is enormous and fat, my thighs are huge. My gut has grown thick and heavy over the past year and my boobs rest on top now. My arms are as thick as my thighs used to be. I know I'm a slave to indulgence. I don't care about loosing my job though. In fact, it might be good. All I think about now is food and fucking Jay. I'm and addict.
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Voluptuouslover 6 years
Great story! Obviously the weight gain happened quickly but it definitely was in the sweet spot range I love.....thinner getting past 300Lbs. This may be the story of my wife only two things different (No Jay and it is taking a lot longer)
Right 7 years
This story is brilliant, I am totally invested.