Kat gets fat

chapter 1: double digits

Kat searched through the sizes of a rack of shorts. She skipped passed her old size, a four, and pick up the six. 'Hmmmm a little hopeful' she thought, 'I better grab an eight too.'

She headed to the dressing room and decided to try on the size eight first hoping it would be a little roomier and she would be able to get the smaller size. Cat stepped into the shorts, the waistband was snug coming up over her backside, but that's how her pants had always fit. Even when she was thinner she always had a butt, so it was normal to wriggle into a pair of shorts.

Then she went to button them... she felt the shorts dig into her sides as she struggled to get the button into the loop. She relaxed for a moment and then sucked in the mound of fat that had come to find its way to her abdomen. She held her breath, got the shorts to button and let out a sigh.

Well.... these won't work. She stared at herself for a moment. Her thighs just barely fit, her butt strained the back seam, and she had a grade A muffin top. Kat let out a little chuckle 'Damn! I guess I did put on weight! I definitely need a size 10.'

Having always been fairly thin Kat was in denial that she was putting on weight. She had always been active, participating in dance and track in college and she always loved being outdoors. However Kat loved to eat and had an undeniable sweet tooth. She was active so gorging on pizza and sweets had no effect on her waist line, until recently... Having landed a new job Kat found she had less free time. The frequency of her work outs lessened but her appetite did not...

Kat left the store and decided She would not worry about the shorts being too tight. She was still young and could easily work the weight off. She was thinking about getting back into a running routine when she walked passed her favorite café. 'Ooo! Just an iced tea!' she thought.

She walked in and was instantly hit with the aroma of fresh baked good. 'This place really makes the best cookies!' she thought as she eyed the goodies behind the counter.

As she waited in line she decided to get one of the gooey chocolate chunk fudge brownies.

'No!' She snapped at herself, I shouldn't! I already have to wear double digits in shorts! This is how I gained weight, by eating too many sweets!' She struggled with her will power and decided she definitely was not getting a fudge brownie.

"May I have a sweetened iced tea."

"Anything else today?"

"And three chocolate chunk fudge brownies." I will share them with my roommates, she told herself.

Kat got home and took out one of the brownies. Her mouth started to water. The square of cakey chocolate was big enough to share. She took a big bite, chocolate crumbs clinging to her lips, her mouth full of delicious brownie. She swallowed the dense sweet cake and immediately took another bite and another. She loved the rich texture and sweetness, she took another few bites and it was gone. Without even really thinking she reached a greedy hand into the bag and pulled out another brownie. She knew this would probably happen but she did not really care. The food was so good and so sweet and so fattening... 'Ugh I'm going to get fat' she thought as she took another big bite. 'I shouldn't be eating this!' But she kept shoving the dessert in her mouth anyway enjoying the food.

She brushed crumbs off her stomach and licked the last of the brownie from her fingers. She rested her hands on the roll of fat sticking out over her pants. I have got to stop doing that! No wonder I've got this chub! She gave her fat roll a jiggle then slid her hands around to her sides and lower back. 'This has really filled out too!' She thought as she gave her love handles a good squeeze. She felt her body quiver, her stomach was way too full but she reached for the last brownie anyway. It was pointless to leave one. She greedily ate even though she was not even hungry. This will be the last time she thought. Tomorrow I will start my diet....
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Stuffing Our... 9 months
Very erotic and totally relatable!
Billedmeup 1 year
This was a good start. Would like to have seen Chapter 3.
GrowingLoveH... 7 years
You capture in just a few words so much about this fetish -- the ambiguity of it all, the denial when the pounds first start to arrive, the fear that others won't approve, the excitement if they do... Would love to read more.
Jazzman 7 years
I like it. Easy read.
PlumpSoftKitty 7 years
But... Tomorrow did come for little orphan Annie
Jojo828 7 years
Thanks! :] it's my first go at this kind of writing. Definitely want to bring in a significant other, there will be more!