Chapter 1 - heartbeat

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“Have you heard?" called an excited voice. "Marie broke up with Ben!”

For the briefest of moments, Laura sensed her heart skipping a beat. She felt the shock wash over her, only to be replaced by a futile excitement. Marie was single!

How long had Laura been secretly in love with her now? It was love at first sight, over a year ago, when she first arrived at college and saw Marie for the first time, back in the dorms; that perfectly beautiful face and model-like height. Marie was older than all of them, having spent two years travelling before coming to college. She’d grown into her looks more than the other girls, and had that worldly confidence that drew people to her and made them listen. Of course she had picked up the cutest boy on campus. She was the most beautiful creature on Earth.

“You’re serious?” Laura asked, in shock. “But they were so great together!” She couldn’t deny that; as much as any closeted gay girl hated to admit that her crush’s boyfriend was perfect for her. Marie and Ben had been like two peas in a pod.

“She broke up with him this morning. Just strolled into his class and finished it, right there in front of everyone; cold as ice!” Paula laughed, despite the seriousness of what she was talking about. “Our girl didn’t seem to care in the slightest!”

Laura’s eyebrows furrowed. That didn’t sound like the Marie she knew at all - and she knew Marie better than most. She’d been swept up into the girl’s circle of friends during their first year and was now sharing this enormous house with several ladies, including Marie herself. “Is there someone else?” she asked, already having that sinking feeling that her straight friend had moved onto the next guy.

Paula’s eyes travelled around the room, as if she was worried about being overheard. “Well, I don’t think she came home last night. And I know she wasn’t with Ben…” she speculated; the most salacious gossip they’d had in months.

“Oh, dear!” Laura sighed, already sensing a new drama on the horizon. Sharing a house with several other good looking girls, one of them was always up to no good, breaking some poor boy’s heart somewhere. Although, she was just one of Marie’s many secret admirers; lost in the background and collecting dust. Marie would forever be out of reach. And it was about time that Laura accepted that.
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Stevita 2 years
This has been amazing from start to finish! Love the description of the girl's growing bodies, the hot stuffing scenes, and the engaging and original plot!
Feeder862 2 years
Thanks to all who have been following this story. As you can likely tell, we are nearing the end, and the tale will conclude with Chapter 43.

Please check out my other stories if you have enjoyed it.
Whodatboi 2 years
Thank you for finally killing Mike
Curiousicey 2 years
Im worried what happened to Laura too..
Piturekapiteka 2 years
Such a great story
Ready2change 2 years
Great story, can’t wait for more!
ConJohn 2 years
Great story! Interesting concept and character motivations too. Excited to see where you take it.
Piturekapiteka 2 years
Damm, spicy. This chapter changes a lot of things, there's still much to come
Feeder862 2 years
If anyone would like to hear more about the family mentioned in Chapter 26. Here is the link to the accompanying story: https://fantasyfeeder.com/stories/view?id=271303
Theswordsman 2 years
I was wondering how he manipulated those women
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Dude You are Amazing !
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Love the concept, sexually transmitted feedism kink? Genius. Looking forward to where it goes next.
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Totally Love chapter 16! Laura gaining too
Jazzman 2 years
So HOT.I can't say your finest anymore because they are All So Good. Too close to call. I know it's already finished because I know you.
I'm hoping the one with the toys stops being undercofident.
Jazzman 2 years
What can I say? Another fantastic story!
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As always, you write such intriguing tales — and so beautifully
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Woah, great story until now, with meaningful characters and pretty well written
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Not sure who i pity more laura or ben but looks like karma is in play