Little girl lost 2

chapter 1

Sneaking a peek at his still slumbering guest he moved to the kitchen and made her a big breakfast and himself some coffee. He walked to his porch overlooking his clearing and decided it was too hot to work today.

He was still full from last night and decided it was time to reduce the size of his belly. "Dry toast for me" he thought as he stripped down to his work shorts. Suddenly he felt small hands grabbing his spare tire and the very chipper voice of his house guest.

Amanda crept up behind him, still clad in the oversized shirt and boxers, and playfully patted his belly. "Hi!, hope you saved some for me." She teased brightly.

"That's one of the nicest "Good Mornings" I've ever received. Hi yourself! There's plenty to eat in the kitchen, help yourself."

She smiled up at him. "You should have woken me! It really isn't like me to sleep in." She walked to the kitchen, taking several of his delicious looking pancakes. "Aren't you eating?" She asked, seeing him serving himself plain toast.

"No, I've gotten way too fat. And having company seems to magnify my weight, in my mind anyway. So help yourself, I like to watch a woman eat."

He sat on a big stool at the large expanse of granite countertop, stripped to his shorts, and watched her, starting sketching her in his drawing book.

She looked crushed, playing with her pancakes, as if she had suddenly lost her appetite.

He saw her pause in her eating. What now he thought? He continued
studying her, sketching the strong lines of her face. She placed her fork down, pancakes untouched. "I'm sorry.." She called
out. "I'm just not hungry right now." "Not hungry? I'm sorry, I forgot. I'm not used to guests I guess. Let me slip this shirt on...I'm probably a bit much to take au naturale and would turn any woman off her feed." He grunted to his feet and pulled his shirt on noticing he could barely button the front over his belly. "There, better?"

"No, it wasn't that," She said. "I just don't like to eat alone..."

"Well speak up. We're friends here. Eat alone? ummm..." he pondered a minute.

"OK, if that's what it takes to make you eat, pass some of those hotcakes over here."

He took a small stack and began to eat. They melted in his mouth and disappeared quickly he was so hungry.

She smiled and happily passed more over, moving to his side.

"Why did you lie?" She asked, her glance moving from his big paunch to his face.

Three plates and he was becoming full. "Lie?" he answered. "I don't recall lying to you. Lord I'm getting stuffed." He touched the sides of his distended stomach with disgust.

She blushed deeply, her eyes lowering shyly. "I don't know why a handsome man like yourself would get flustered over a plain girl like myself. Besides, I'm so slender, well except for this chest of mine" she blushed continuing "...I...thought...that you would go for a bigger girl.."

"I don't know about "plain", you cleaned up pretty good. And size, I don't care much. I like a sturdy woman with some meat on her bones, but then I like slender ones too. Not that I've had much experience with either." He leaned back in his chair with a sigh. He couldn't remember ever eating this much before. He winced as he felt his belt dig into his underbelly as his huge meal began to move through him.

Amanda took his hand into hers, not coming close to covering it's bear-like size. "Bill..?" She asked, a little worried by his over-full middle and the glazed look in his eyes.

"Whaa...I'm so sorry. Give me a minute" He panted as he rubbed his stomach. It was hard and firm. Blinking at her he saw the concern in her eyes. "Forgive me, I am so fat yet I have no control over myself." And he felt tears coming as he tried to cover both his eyes and his engorged belly with his sticky hands.

Bill sighed as she kissed him, feeling her press into his abdomen. She took his hands in hers and looked into his eyes, her young innocent eyes seeing through his uncertainty. She felt for him, for his uncertainty, and wanted to show him he was wrong about his weight, "But those are good things." She scooted closer. "Leaning down...feeling your belly pull...jiggling and swaying...being so fat you don't fit in your pants..." She smiled. "And you seem healthy as a horse to me!"

"You said you were too fat." She guilessly began rubbing his tummy in full, wide circles, soothing the skin. "You're not, in my opinion."

"I AM too fat. Oh no, don't do that...ohhhhh please." He closed his eyes and felt her fingers tracing his stretched skin.
"You are not," She repeated firmly. "And why stop..?" She asked, her fingers stopping, but still pressed into his thick blubber. "Does it hurt you?"

"No, it feels good. Lord it feels good. Don't stop."

She blinked, confused, and smiled. "Like this?" Kneeling in front of him she began to knead his engorged middle, blushing as she noticed his arousal bulging, tenting his pants.

Her prodding seemed to relax and open him up. Hungrily he reached for and began to devour another stack of hotcakes saturated in butter and maple syrup. He knew he was going to pay for this. He felt so huge and incredibly aroused.

"You don't look that big, come walk with me, let the food settle." She helped him to his feet and carefully guided him around, putting her head against him in a motherly way, rubbing his sides gently.
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