Little girl lost 3

chapter 1

She stood by the door way, giggling at every jiggling attempt he made to get up.

"I shouldn't be hungry, but I am ravenous. This gut of mine seems to have a mind of its own. A little TLC and it wants more attention. Oh, lord that felt good.

"Go ahead and find something for us to eat. Give me a minute to straighten up this place, it looks like a young cyclone hit it. And quit calling me old. "

After watching her shapely naked rear end bounce delightfully down the stairs, Bill reached his feet with a grunt and lumbered over to retrieve his boxers. With the day being so warm a shirt would be way too much. Anyway, there was no reason to cover up, she had seen all there was to see and apparently didn't mind his fat body and pendulous belly. In fact she clearly enjoyed it. Shaking his head in wonder he pulled his shorts up his tree-trunk sized thighs, shuffled over to the spilled materials and began putting them back in order. He did feel guilty enjoying the feeling of his belly swaying beneath him as he bent over.

Oh...and the fact that they didn't get much sketcing done.

However there was one annoyance...every time he stood up, the band of his boxers would slide down and snap under his protruding gut no matter how many times or how high he pulled them up. Finally giving up and with a "To hell with it!", he relaxed and let his gut hang over the top of the waist band. It had been a while since he'd felt himself hang this way. The bottom swell of his stomach was soft and firm and gave very erotic sensations as he reached under and hefted it.

After letting it drop several times, he realized with some alarm his abdomen's deep curve hung quite far down over his shorts. More than he remembered. Curious, he reached for a ruler, slipped it up into the tender crease under his overhanging belly and marked with his thumb where his belly hung to. 6 inches plus..."Good lord!" he blurted out loud. As he explored further he noted his naval had become quite deep, and surrounded by small pillows of butter soft fat. Amused yet somewhat disgusted with himself he shrugged and walked down the stairs to the kitchen feeling again gravity's bouncing tug at every stair step.

Amanda licked at the spoon she held in her hand, then grinned at Bill. "The food is ready!" She couldn't believe what she had done, and how erotic it was. Even now, seeing his bulges and rolls hang over made her horny and sweaty.

Bill sat heavily next to her at the huge table, his eyes wide at the meal she had prepared. "Amanda, lover, this is amazing. But I need to get one thing straight first." He pulled her to him, set her on a meaty thigh and placed her hands on both sides of his naked belly. "You REALLY like me fat like this?"

"In all honesty?" She looked into his face, blushing and feeling so in love. "I...Don't know how to say it..."

He brushed her hair back, loving her, waiting for her to get her thoughts straight.

"Well...I'd like for you to diet..." She paused long enough for his face to register shock, confusion, and pain before grinning. "Only to fatten you up again!" She jiggled his fat side to side laughing.

"Huh? I don't get it. Why lose weight then gain it back? I'll be a wreck." He felt his belly slosh as she moved it around, playing with it, molding it.

Amanda frowned a little. "You aren't a gainer?" She asked, confused. "With so much gut on you I thought for sure..." She absently ate a large slice of cake, thinking and now very unsure of herself.

"No, I'm a compulsive eater barely in control of myself. I go through alternate periods of binging and starving. But with you around to help me, I could stay fat like I am and we could fatten YOU up!"

"Barely in control of yourself? I don't believe that for a second!" She smiled uneasily. "Fatten me up?" She looked down at her flat belly, then at his blubber mass, hanging off his front.

He saw her confusion. "I was kidding about the 'you getting fat' part. You have a beautiful body...nothing that 10 or 20 extra pounds would look bad on, but I was just teasing. Ignore me, rather don't ignore me, keep doing what you're doing, it feels marvelous."

She stared at him, blinking. "Bill? you have to learn to make up your mind! You're confusing me!"

He kissed her. "Speak. How am I confusing you? I said when we first met 'I like a sturdy woman with some meat on her bones, but then I like slender ones too.' What's the confusion?"

"You always contradict yourself...saying ignore you, then dont, all that!" She started to pop rich morsels into both of their mouths, eating hungrily. "Post sex munchies kicking in hehe!" Amanda looked at Bill warmly. "I love your's...a huge turnon..."

"You're changing the subject. How can I possibly be asking you to ignore me after what just happened." He chewed quickly and swallowed. "I made a joke about fattening you up and you get all strange. You like me fat, have you considered gaining a bit yourself?"
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FrecherTyp 10 years
hehe and i want you to diet only t make you eat moe and get chubbier afterwards is nice ....:-) i would love that ^^
FrecherTyp 10 years
mhmm that was so nice to read and i loved those detailed descriptons about the body changes very much ^^ oh i would love to gain together with such a cute girl in such a romantic set up with a fireplace ;-) i´m really curious for more ^^
Jktab 10 years
Liz Blue BBW 10 years
Ohhhh.... Thank you for finishing this story. Very satisfying!
Fatlilboy 10 years
another classic in the making