Little girl lost 5

chapter 1

Hearing his belly growl she giggled. She planted one more passionate kiss on his lips and crawled from the bed. "Somebody needs breakfast I hear" she teased, "and a shower," she finished squeezing his underbelly still slick from their juices.

He felt his fat shift as she moved over him, liking how she purposely let her breasts drag over his body. He grunted agreement, and allowed her to help him lumber to his feet next to the bed. He stood there, his groin still throbbing from his almost blinding release and felt her steady him, her hands resting lightly on his soft protruding belly. "Yes, I am always hungry after exercise...a shower it is. I could use some help reaching some hard to reach spots if you're available, but not if it means sacrificing burnt eggs and overcooked bacon."

"You do the best you can lover. I'd hate to seem like a horrid cook with burnt eggs!" She grinned. "Besides, you've had enough excitement for this morning." She swatted his flabby side and flipped her hair over her shoulder as she slid, naked, out the bed.

He shied, covering his belly where she slapped him and gave her a sad puppy dog look. "All right, I'll get all the parts I can't reach with my handy dandy long handle brush. See if I need you," he finished with a theatrical sigh.

He watched her bounce away, her small curvy body, her magnificent breasts swaying liquidly causing a brief twinge of rekindling desire. Blessing his luck once again he strode into his giant master bath, everything carefully tailored to accommodate his size...the reinforced toilet, the cavernous marble tiled shower and tub enclosure, built around a huge Jacuzzi-style soaking tub of his own design.

Stepping down into the tub he started the hot water and soon had the room steamed up as he lathered his body with a special soap he had found which kept his skin soft and supple. The main reason, despite his rapid fluctuations of weight, his skin was blemish free.

Singing a favorite song that echoed particularly well he worked up a lather on his brush and with some difficulty worked on his harder to reach areas. Groaning he felt a stab of pain in his side, a cramp from his reaching. Gasping he straightened, letting the brush fall to the floor with a clatter and tried to stretch and ease the cramp.

He felt a hand on his back, "cramp baby?" she asked, "let the hot water massage play there and try to relax."

He felt the cramp slowly ease. "I get like this," he grunted as the cramp eased, "I get too big to reach down there and I cramp up."

"Let's get you finished baby," she answered, "breakfast is almost ready. Now bend over for me."

She gently washed off the parts that he couldn't reach and rubbed out the rest of his cramp. She reached into a large oak cabinet and pulled out an extra large bath towel that managed to wrap around his bulk. She had actually sewn these together not long after arriving and watching him attempt to cover himself with a towel that may as well of been a scrap of fabric. Holding it around his back, she held the ends to where he could reach them and proceed to dry himself off. He turned to see her in one of his shirts, hanging to her knees. She winked at him and walked out the door. Shouting back over her shoulder, "it's time to eat. Get that gorgeous rear in here."

"With pleasure!" he called out after her. It seemed like she was always leaving the room...a nice view indeed and she certainly gave that big old shirt of his some interesting bumbs and bulges. He heard his stomach rumble as he finished drying, blessing her for putting the two towels together. Blast she was clever. Slipping on a pair of shorts and a roomy pullover cradling his now squeaky clean expanse he followed the delicious smells of breakfast.

He dug in as she watched him eat and as the food slowly disappeared moved around and sat next to him, her hand on his distending belly. "We'll take the big quad up the trail to where I have in mind. Teach you how to run it if you don't know how already." He felt her press into his upper belly, massaging the growing tightness. "There's plenty of time, love," she said, tingling at the thought of a place of her own. "But first let get all this inside you, I'll help you make room."

He was full, glutted, distended beyond belief. He leaned back holding the sides of his immense abdomen trying to breathe. It was difficult even with short pants. He saw her watching him with half lidded eyes. "God you are magnificent," she whispered, opening his shirt to expose the tight round curve of his gorged belly. "I don't think I've ever seen you this big. I do believe I need to cook breakfast for you more often."

He couldn't speak but sat there almost immobile, unwilling and unable to move. "I get like this," he answered with a blush.

"I like you like this" she moaned, running her hands over the shiny tightness of his stretching skin, feeling the hard bump where his stomach was stretching upward just below his soft breasts, massaging it gently with the heel of her hand. She heard him burp and she smiled, loving the feel of him, the soft clean, almost hairless smoothness of his belly. And the contrast of its firmness as she worked down the sides and underneath, below his navel as she gently pushed in was butter soft, soft like breast fat. She held her hand against the curving underside and leaned in, sliding her tongue into his deep navel, exploring the inside, tasting the lingering sweet taste of his recent bathing.

She heard him gasp and struggle to speak. She reached up and put her small hand over his mouth and whispered "Shush babe, just relax and enjoy the sensations. I have a feeling we will definitely be doing this more often."
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BeSoft 9 years
This serie's the best! And yes, she needs to make him much fatter!
Feedher3000 9 years
She needs to have him gain more. smiley great story
FrecherTyp 10 years
oh this was hot and sweet :_) this girls seems to be my style so funny and sweet