Love, cherish and obey

chapter 1 before the big day

Jason was good at everything he ever tried to do. He was always top of the class in school, in every subject. He passed all his exams with A's or A*. At university, he was captain of the football team, captain of the rugby team and captain of the cricket team.
After graduating university with first class honours in psychology, he got a job with a prestigious teaching hospital in the NHS and quickly started to ascend the ranks to consultant.
He was on the small side, for a man at 5 foot 7, but he was not bad looking. He still kept himself very fit, training for triathlons. His holidays were the active kind too, spent skiing in the Alps or scaling the Atlantic.
He had curly fair hair, that he kept very short, or it would bush out and frizz. He had unusual pale green eyes that contrasted with his natural outdoor tan.
He was never lucky in romance though. If he chose a pretty girl, her conversation lacked the intellectual stimulation that he needed. However, if he chose a girl who could stimulate him intellectually, she was most likely ugly as sin.
Sarah was different. She had beauty as well as brains. She had a degree in geology and wanted to become a vulcanologist, but had bills to pay, so she'd had to plump for a job with a developer who needed soil samples, many feet deep analysing it to see if it was worthwhile building on the land.
Jason fell in love with her instantly. He loved the way her long blonde hair slipped into her blue eyes and she was always having to push it out of the way. She was slim and she liked to keep fit by running. She had fabulous long slim legs. Jason liked to see them on show in short skirts and heels, but not too high a heel, or she would tower above him.
The pair of them dated for six months before they decided to get married.
They decided on a very traditional wedding in an Anglican Church, with traditional wedding vows. Sarah, vow was not just to love and to cherish her new husband, she vowed to obey him as well. She did not think too much of it at the time. She had no intention of being her husband's servant, it was simply a part of the wedding ceremony that had always been there. She thought more of the love and to cherish part because she had an aged aunt who thought the minister had said 'to London for cherries', so that was what she had repeated during the ceremony.
She chose a traditional wedding dress with a veil and a short train. She had two bridesmaids in pink, she had fresh flowers for her bouquet. The reception was at a local hotel and the night time do was in the local community centre.
Thir wedding night was in the same hotel where the reception had been held. Their honeymoon was a week in Sharm el Sheik in Egypt so they could go scuba diving in the Red Sea.
Everything went as it should. On return from honeymoon they moved into a brand new two bedroomed semi detached house.
All the while Jason kept thinking that she was so beautiful, that even though they were married, other men might desire her, or even try it on with her. He was not going to have that! He started to formulate a plan to keep Sarah for himself, forever.
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Aquarius64 7 years
I will endeavour to keep it slow crystophage2003!
Chrysophase2003 7 years
Methinks Elaine will blow up quite big. Faster than her musculature can accommodate, causing her to further indulge her laziness. Haven't read a good immobility story in a while that didn't rush it or end the instant the goal was met.
Aquarius64 7 years
Sonic16, Anne is only a very minor character, so I didn't concentrate on her, but I hope that you will like what is going to happen to Elaine
Aquarius64 7 years
Although I am open to suggestions regarding story progression, I can guarantee that although it already contains mild violence, force feeding, hypnotism, humiliation, sexual and dominance references, it will NOT include pregnancy, inflation, paedophilia,
Sonic16 7 years
Very good though i had hoped we would see more of Anne's pov on how she grew. More detail etc
Aquarius64 7 years
Blasty, offending chapter edited a bit. I think I was just too keen to get onto the next section because I had ideas to change the whole story's direction. I hope this is enough to make the story run more smoothly and to your satisfaction. I will be retur
Blasty 7 years
700 pounds is 50 stone
Aquarius64 7 years
Blasty, sorry, I'm not familiar with using pounds on their own. We work in stones and pounds in the uk, or kg. I was eager to move the story on because I had another idea. I will consider revising this section later.
Blasty 7 years
Well this took a turn. Also, 300 is awfully light to be almost immobile. That'd be closer to 6 or 700 in my experience
Aquarius64 7 years
No, sorry, no pregnancy.
Jazzman 7 years
I like because you write well and develop characters well . When will she notice her boobs or that He is getting Really Good at sex?Perhaps a hypnosis session about loving her boobs and Booty?
Alexlikesbbw 7 years
keep it up