Chapter 1 - the cookie

Lucy, a beautiful british woman, well know for her gorgeous long red hair and blue eyes had just arrived in the US after spending her summer back at home. She shared an apartment with Miriam a German girl who also lived in the us. Miriam was chubby, not really fat, but overweight, her face was pretty and her green eyes were just beautiful. She had always felt like the ugly duck, since living with Lucy made it impossible for her to not notice Lucy's perfect body. Lucy had really good genetics, making all her fat go to her hips and boobs, giving her an amazing sexy body that most guys desired and most girls wanted to look like.
It was Lucy's first day back in the us after her trip and she was starving after spending the whole day in a plane, she prepared some mac and cheese for herself and waited for Miriam to arrive from work. Lucy's had planned to put her things in order in the house and get her clothes ready for the following week of hard work, but Miriam had different plans for her. The last couple months she had been trying to figure out a way to get Lucy fat, Miriam's crush had told her that he was interested in her room mate Lucy and Miriam was all over the place about, so her decision was to ruin Lucy's image in order to have her crush chasing her instead. After looking at different options she had found a recipe online for magical weight gain cookies, and knowing how much of a sweet tooth Lucy was, it was not going to be hard to get her into eating the cookies. Finally, tonight Miriam was going to make them and perhaps lucy was going to eat them in no time.
"Hello hello" Miriam said as she opened the door
"Hi Miri!" Said lucy as she stood up to hug her
Miri was mad, Lucy looked even better than before leaving for her trip. She looked flawless ... but that was not going to be for long.
They talked for a while and then Lucy left to clean her room and organize everything, Miriam started cooking the cookies in the kitchen. It took her a while since the recipe was really precise.
"ummm what is that amazing smell" Lucy said as she came out of the room
"I made cookies to celebrate you being back at home" Miri said
"ohhh you are amazing... they look so good.... can I grab one already?"
"Sure, go ahead" Miri said already imagining in her head Lucy eating a bunch of food and getting fat
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Theswordsman 5 years
I can just picture Miriam eating one of those cookies without thinking
DamnGood27 5 years
I need more right now! I want to know what will happen to Lucy!
DamnGood27 5 years
I need more right now! I want to know what will happen to Lucy!
DamnGood27 5 years
I need more right now! I want to know what will happen to Lucy!