Mary, massive mother

Chapter 1 - mary, massive mother

The day Mary discovered she couldn’t get out of bed was a Sunday. Ironic, perhaps, since she used to corrall her children to church every week and here she was, laying in stark evidence of her sloth and gluttony. Not that she was fully aware of the days going in and out anymore, she’d only be vaguely aware it was Sunday when she learned her son Seth had the day off.

Her son had been instrumental in her descent into extreme obesity, not that she had any ill thoughts towards her youngest, who had stayed with her after the patriarch of the family’s death unlike her daughter Bethany that had moved to the city and barely looked back since. Seth had installed the rail Mary was currently gripping with one swollen hand, sweat soon loosening her grip as she fought against the tremendous fat coating her frame to try and pull herself up. Her struggling made her wheeze awfully, and soon she had to give up on her endeavour and reflect on the Herculean task simply getting up from bed had become.

She looked down at what little of her body she could see, more now that she’d thrown the duvet back on the bed as her body temperature rose. Her belly was her biggest enemy; it rose and fall with each of her heavy breaths and made itself known with loud growls of hunger, despite her late night bedtime feast that was evidenced by the chocolate and snack wrappers surrounding her enormous body. Her gut, soft but stretchmark-ridden, covered her legs up to just past her knees, and when she did manage to get out of bed, it had to be placed onto a platform on her wheeled walker so it wouldn’t tip her balance or make her slow arduous waddling even more difficult.

Her legs were swollen monstrosities themselves, thick barely mobile tree trunks with meaty rolls, her cankles threatening to envelop her chubby feet. Mary had always prided herself on her legs, somewhat slimmer than the rest of her before she ate herself to morbid obesity, but now they were covered in adipose, her thighs covering her cunt even though that had similarly fattened in her gluttony. That part of her anatomy was a mystery to her; Seth had hired nurses to wash her, with money she was sure could go towards a down payment on a good apartment in the city, but she was happy her son had stayed by her side. So happy.

Her arms, though certainly belonging to a fat woman, were much smaller compared to the rest of her. Perhaps this was because she was constantly bringing food to her face, with the rapid speed of a ravenously hungry woman who swallowed her food without truly tasting it. All that mattered was filling her belly, filling the hunger that made every inch of her obese body ache.

She had always been fat, and had been a towering heifer of 564lbs when her husband died, but since then she had thrown herself into eating and eating alone. She was no longer seen in her community, only occasionally when Seth would take her out to restaurants on her birthday, where the stares at the voracious fat woman didn’t reach her attention. Now, she was too fat even to be carefully lifted into the back of Seth’s large people carrier with the seats down, she realised with a heavy heart. Of course she realised the consequences of her weight gain, but they all seemed like minor inconveniences that her son or her nurses would deal with for her. Immobility was another matter entirely.

“Seth!” Mary called out, voice croaky from misuse since she’d last spoken after dinner yesterday evening. Speaking made her face ripple, her head now reclined in a pool of fat, a thick neck roll taking the place of an actual neck, heavily restricting her head movements. “Seth, baby, momma needs you!” She all but cooed, always babying her son, always too close to him, pushing her oldest away with her clear favouritism as Seth hurried back and forth to feed her wantful gut.

“What is it, mom?” He soon appeared in the room, always attentive to his mother, even when he didn’t want to be, it hurt him to leave her waiting. He was a thin boy, had inherited none of his mother’s gluttony while his sister inherited her predisposition to weight gain. He had his mother’s blond curls, making him look rather effeminate and cherubic, something that aided his mother’s babying and fussing greatly.

“I got too fat to leave the bed.” Mary whined, gesturing to her enormous form with one fat arm. “I just can’t do it anymore, baby, you have to tell the nurses they’re looking after a big ol’ immobile hog now. Maybe hire another one. And a chef.” She had a morose look in her eyes, and she was even pouting in an example of her histrionic behaviour that made her the child and Seth the parent at times, only worsening as her independence lessened and her gluttony grew.

“Oh, mom, of course,” Seth walked further into the room, trying to find a sliver of bed to sit on, finding none that wasn’t occupied by his mother’s dominating fat he stood at her bedside while the woman that had taken over his life just pouted and rubbed her empty sagging belly. “You gotta go get me food, and maybe you should start washing me too, sweetie.” Mary rubbed her son’s hand in her overfed swollen paw, a tiny thrill pulsing her cunt at the thought of her sweet handsome boy washing her.

Seth stepped away then, blushing slightly. “Uh, I can’t really do that momma, I got work, then I’m tired enough cooking all evening and getting takeout and snacks.” Here, Mary’s eyes narrowed and she smacked her gut, knowing the loud sound of flesh slapping together made the young man jump. “No. I’m stuck in bed all day, you gotta start caring for me proper. Quit your job, get work from home, Lord knows you’re spending too much time away from me. Boys should look after their mothers, or do you wanna be like your whore sister?”

The outburst shocked Seth, enough for the kind sympathy in his eyes to vanish. “No! Fuck, no, you’re not takin’ any more of my life just because you ate yourself out of your own! Fuck, momma, you’re as big as a house and you’re just gettin’ bigger!” He shook the bottom roll of his mother’s belly in his righteous anger, making her gut roar in hunger while she stared up at him aghast. It seemed this had been bubbling inside Seth for a long time, festering as Mary became more of a tyrant as she sank further into obesity.

“What? What the fuck are you talking about, boy? Your life is here! With me!” Mary’s heart was hurting more than her hunger for once, and her requests for breakfast she was going to give him were long gone for now.

“No, mom, my life is any time you’re not around, and now you’re stuck in here, I can move my boyfriend in, I can take down all those hideous fucking crucifixes and shit...” He snorted, arms crossed, though there was still some vulnerability in him, still a momma’s boy despite this nasty streak. Mary noticed very little outside of food these days, but she did notice that the boy that ran back and forth for her carrying heaving plates of food was not entirely gone.

“So you’re a faggot, now? My little boy’s a faggot?” Her face reddened as Seth nodded.

“Yeah. And you’re still a demanding *** that won’t ever fucking walk again.”

That changed Mary’s demeanour entirely. From a confused and hurt mother she changed into a furious hellion. In her anger she smacked her belly, the loud sound reverberating around the room, making Seth jump. “You think I’m fucking demanding? Boy, I’ll work you so hard you won’t even be able to think about your little boyfriend! Get me my breakfast orders from the drive-thrus and you better fucking triple everything, I swear by god. You made me this *** so I’ll show you what a fucking *** I can be.” After her rant she was breathing heavily, sweat trickling down her full fat breasts that she never bothered hiding, even in front of her son.

“Now!” Her scream was punctuated by another smack of her gut and Seth was soon out the door and out of the house. Mary wasn’t worried about him running away. He was a good boy at heart, and good boys always listen to their mothers.
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