Maxed out

chapter 1

Max put his pen to paper and signed on the dotted line, leaned back in his chair and let out a deep sigh. He was glad to put this whole, divorce mess, behind him. At least they never had kids he thought, that would have made this whole thing even more difficult. His now ex-wife Sophie had cited irreconcilable differences on the legal forms but Max knew the real reason. Sophie blamed him for a dull sex life and she couldn't accept his eccentricities as she called them. Max was into feederism, he had been since he was a teen, it had to come to him in all forms and as he got older his passion grew deeper. At first he would look at your typical chubby girls, then it became true BBW's, and when that wasn't enough he set his sights a bit higher. He would spend hours online looking up super sized women and dreaming of what a life with one would be like.
He even had a few relationships with women like this, but they never seemed to turn out in his favor. Max would find a feedee in an online group and they would chat long distance and maybe she would gain a few pounds but it never lasted. When he met his wife Sophie he thought he hit the jackpot, they both went to the same highs school but ran in different circles, they were both out of college now and the years had done wonders for Sophie's figure. At least that's what Max thought. He remembered she was a chubby girl in school, the kind he dreamed about, but years of college life had turned her formally pudgy girl into big beautiful woman. Max wasn't sure if she was into his fetish or not but he could try at least, so that's just what he did.
When they started dating he tried to introduce the idea of food into sex, but Sophie was never into it, and when he would see a plus sized commercial he would comment on how beautiful the women were, but Sophie just scoffed. Despite their differences they did love each other once, and after a couple of years they were married and Max hoped the after marital weight would pile on but it never did. Max would slowly find his way back to the cyberworld of forums and social sites. Despite this brief escape he wanted that life again, he even toyed with the idea of gaining weight himself. He was already a bigger guy, what's a few more pounds. So he started having the odd binge when he was alone, which always left him bloated and clutching his round stomach.
He did his best to push those thoughts out of his head but as time went on they slowly crept up and before he knew it, he was looking at himself as less of a feeder and more of a gainer, but knew he could never truly act on these impulses. During this time Sophie was becoming more distant, she was staying out later and seemed to have more of a bounce in her step when she would come home after a long "meeting". While Max did his best to push any worrying thoughts from his mind he still suspected that something was amiss. They began to argue about intimacy, which lead to Max sleeping on the couch more and more often, falling asleep to the dim light of his computer. One evening in a moment of anger, Max finally came clean about his true desires. He told her that he wished she would gain weight and that he wanted to feed her, and because he was being deprived of this need, he was starting to turn the fantasy on himself. Sophie was disgusted, she couldn't believe her what she was hearing, a freak, that's what she called him. That's when she revealed that she had been sleeping with his boss for some time now, and while she tried apologized and tried to take it back, but once that door is opened it can never be closed.
So here he was, packing up the remainder of his belongings of his tattered life. Max had applied for a transfer to a new location, he couldn't possibly bare to face his boss again, knowing what he had done. There was opening at another office a couple of states away, and he jumped at the chance for a fresh start. He found a nice little house, nothing magical, but it suited his needs, and after a couple of weeks he found he was settling into his new life. The only problem was the loneliness, he was never much for the bar scene, so max found himself back in the online world he cherished so much. Without a woman in his life, Max started up his binges again. Nothing dramatic, but if he was starting anew then why not let this passion flourish a bit. He realized he hadn't updated his profile in some time, so he changed his location, updated his relationship status and even decided he would open his world to new possibilities a bit, and changed his preferences from Feeder to Feedee.
He had posted a couple of pictures of himself and within a few days time he got a message from a woman in his new town. They chatted for a couple of weeks online before deciding they should go on an actual date. Emily described herself as 25 year old, fitness enthusiast with a love of bigger men, she told Max how she liked the contrast of her fit physique and larger man, and while she had never actually been in a feedist relationship, but she had always dreamed of it. They agreed to meet at a hip local brewery that was known for its microbrews and pub fare. Max sat there nervously, not sure what to expect, he wore a button down shirt that wasn't quite loose anymore, his beard was well manicured and his short hair was properly disheveled. He had seen a photo or two of Emily but when she walked in he couldn't believe his eyes.
Emily, opened the door and walked into the pub, looking around for her date. She wore a sleeveless blouse, exposing her tone arms, her tight jeans accented her thick thighs and her hip to waist ratio was something out of a rap song. Her blonde hair flowed down to her shoulders and her green eyes pierced him immediately like emerald marbles. Max put his hand up and gave a little wave and she beamed a gorgeous smile and headed over to his table. Max stood up and introduced himself, pulling out her chair and helping her scoot in once seated. "Handsome and chivalrous, I didn't know there were any of you left," she said smiling.
"We're few and far between, that's for sure." He quipped back. They chatted for a little while over a couple of beers until it was time to order. The waiter came back and asked what they would be having. Max hand only skimmed the menu and began to frantically search for something. That's when Emily took the lead.
"We'd like a plate of garbage nachos to start, and an order of pub pretzels. I would like the half garden salad with light dressing and he was just saying how great the triple beef bacon burger looked, with fries of course." She said, closing her menu and staring right at Max, "sound good?" Max just nodded, no one had ever ordered for him before, he was a bit taken-a-back, but not put off. When the waiter walked away, Emily slid her hand across the table and looked at him, "I hope that was okay that ordered for the both us but I could tell you weren't sure and that burger has always tempted me. Besides, lets not pretend we don't know why the other is here."
With that the night was underway, when the appetizers arrived, Emily slid the plate over the Max and urged him to dig in, watching every bite he took, savoring his reactions to each flavor and taste. "Are you liking what you're seeing?" Max asked nervously.
"Oh most definitely," she reassured him, "see I think that's what I love most about this whole 'thing', I could never let myself indulge like this, its sort of like eating vicariously through someone else. I've always been guilty of pushing food on my friends and family because I could never bare to give up my active lifestyle, I just love it too much. So instead, I watch others eat." She leaned in closer, "and when I do, I have to admit, it's a turn on." Max blushed a bit, but took another big bite of a pretzel dipped in cheese and winked at her.
Max opened to her about his past relationships and his journey to where he found himself now, he wanted to put it out early. No one likes someone with baggage but he felt he owed it Emily, she opened up herself about how she had been engaged and it fell through and she understood how hard it was to start over, she herself had only moved here a couple of years ago. So they were both new, but now they knew he each other. When the dinner arrived, Max was feeling a bit full but he didn't want to let his date down, he knew what she wanted to see so he did his best to plow through his burger before the overwhelming stuffed feeling overwhelmed. He had a few bites left and a couple of fries, but he couldn't manage.
Emily realized he was full, but she was a trainer, she was used to pushing people at work and this was no different. She looked down at his plate, and encouraged him to just get through the last couple bites, so Max picked up the burger and popped the last of it in his mouth chewing slowly, then one by one the fries disappeared into this belly. He was filled the brim and now his shirt buttons were threatening to burst right off. He needed to sit there for a little while to let the food settle, and Emily told him how cute it was to see him so full. When they got up to leave, Emily grabbed his hand and let him walk her to her car. Before they split for the evening, she placed her hand gently on his distended stomach and squeezed, leaned in and kiss him. "I think this was a good start, we should do this again soon."
And that's exactly what they did. Max couldn't get her out of his head, she was gorgeous, not his normal idea of beauty but it was undeniable that she was stunning. She texted him before he could even make it home, wanting to know when he could see her again. Max told her he was free all weekend and she said, 'perfect, all weekend it is!'
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