Chapter 1 - fact, fiction or somewhere in between?

I have to tell you about this awesome experience I had just the other night in a McDonald's of all places.

So, my boyfriend and I had just gotten out of the cinema after a late showing, sure I'd had snacks while we were watching the film - large popcorn and Coke with a bag of Maltesers, but I was hungry by the time I got out and my man wouldn't deny his princess.

So, we headed to the only place local that was still open - McDonald's. I got a quarter pounder with cheese meal, large of course with a chocolate shake and a side of Mozzarella dippers. Delicious at any time.

My guy jokes that he doesn't know where I put it after eating in the cinema not even an hour ago, my answer is always the same.

"You know exactly where I put it" I reply, rubbing my tum as I slurped on my shake

This brings a smile to his face as he motions to my cup.

"Are you gonna see if you won anything?" he asked before stuffing the last of his fries into his mouth.

Ah yes Monopoly at McDonald's, such a great time of the year. I peeled the little tab off my cup but was out of luck.

"You get anything?" I asked my fella as I got to work on feeling the one off of my fries carton.

"Nah, you?"

"Boom, free McFlurry!"

"Lucky you, do you want it now?" he asked, knowing the answer already.

"Well, yeah I was gonna get you to get me a pudding anyway"

"Of course you were" he laughed as he got to his feet

"Oh, and get me this too!"

"What?! You got another one?!"

"Yup, free shake off my dippers!"

"Lucky cow, chocolate again?"

"You know it" I smiled.

I finished my original shake before he got back with my dessert and second shake, sitting down he quipped "Your dessert your highness."

"Thank you squire" I laughed before shovelling a spoonful of Crème Egg McFlurry into my mouth.

"Hey, you've got tabs on these ones too" he remarked as he snagged a sip of my shake "wouldn't it be funny if you won again?"

"Funny? Or brilliant?" I asked grabbing my shake back.

I enjoyed my ice-cream and shake but was beginning to feel a little full. It didn't stop me from peeling the tabs off of my new items though.

"No way!"

"You've got to be kidding me?" asked my guy incredulously.

"Free chicken legend and free fries!" I beamed showing him the winning stickers

"You want them now?" he asked expectantly

"Noo" I replied "I'm getting kinda full"

"You know what'd be hot?" he asked, switching seats to sit right next to me "If you kept eating whatever you won" he grabbed my soft belly to emphasize his point.

I looked him in the eye, his arousal at what he had suggested was obvious. I quickly scanned the restaurant and noted that there was an old guy in the corner minding his business, other than that we were the only patrons.

"Okay" I replied, grabbing his crotch "but only if you feed me"

Watching him walk to the counter with a boner was funny but it's sweet to see that he's as turned on by my gaining as I am.

When he returned, he spared no time in emptying my fries into the chicken legend box and grabbing the burger.

"Open wide" he laughed as he bought the burger up to my waiting lips. He dutifully fed me the burger and fries, slowly rubbing my stuffed tummy as I ate.

My heavy breathing due to the increasing fullness in my stomach was matched by his enjoyment at my delicious predicament.

Bite after bite I allowed more and more of my winnings to be shoved down my gullet.

"Could you imagine if you ate like this every day?" he whispered into my ear "you'd be bloody massive."

Damn, he knows how to push my buttons.

Finally, I was finished with my fast food feast.

"I'm going to need you to help me walk out of here" I gasped as I got to my feet.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked as he nodded at the heaped trash on our table.

"No more, I'm stuffed" I groaned, clutching my belly.

"It's okay, I'll peel them for you" he smiled

"That's not what I meant and you know it!" I laughed.

I watched on with trepidation as he peeled off the tabs on my burger and fries boxes.

"Nothing on this one"

I allowed myself to breathe momentarily but then he pulled off the second one

"You couldn't make it up! Another free McFlurry!"

"Oh God" I groaned "Can we at least take it to go?"

"Yeah, but you are eating it, you promised!"

I took a seat as he went and got yet another free food item for me to gorge on, poking at my stuffed belly I wondered how on earth I'd manage to down this frozen treat.

As he returned, he quipped "I guess I should peel this one off here to save me having to come back and get you more free stuff eh?"

"Don't even tease me" I managed to get out

"I'm definitely not teasing" he replied as he started peeling the tab.

Suddenly he took on a gobsmacked expression as he looked down at the sticker.

"What? What is it?" I asked him but he simply handed me the sticker and there it was -

WINNER - £10,000

I couldn't believe it, I screamed as I hugged him, instantly regretting it as my distended belly mashed into his.

He held me tight before speaking calmly and clearly in my ear.

"Do you have any idea how fat you're going to be once you get done eating 10K's worth of fast food?"

He had to hold me up as my knees went weak.
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