Mind your mouth

Chapter 1 - careful what you say

Caroline was having lunch with her friend Jenny when she felt the need to bemoan her appearance.

"Ugh I'm getting so fat" she whined as she put down her fork.

This was far from an uncommon occurrence after the girls had eaten and Jenny had come to find her friends attitude quite tiresome.

"Oh sure Caroline, you must be pushing 150lbs now right?" Asked Jenny, her question dripping in sarcasm.

"Cheeky bugger, you know I'm only..."

The words caught in Caroline's throat, she was going to say that her weight was only 125lbs, a number it rarely crept above, but looking down at her figure she wasn't so sure.

"I mean, I don't know how you manage to stay so slim with all the crap you eat"

Caroline's eyes were drawn to the table where once had been the remains of a barely touched salad sat the remains of a mostly eaten cheeseburger and several empty plates.

"Still, you look good for it. I wish I'd have been as stylish as you when I was pushing 200"

Caroline gasped in shock as her eyes fell upon her swollen breasts and her bulging belly peeking out from underneath them. Her thighs looked ready to burst from the tight denim that housed them.

"This isn't right" she managed to utter in disbelief

"You're damn right, I only have to look at chocolate cake and I gain 10lbs but there you are with your two slices at lunch without a care in the world"

Caroline had a frantic look on her now chubby features as she tasted the chocolate in her mouth, her plump hand working like it had a mind of its own, shovelling more of the delicious treat into her waiting mouth.

"I have to say though, it's so much fun having someone to share clothes with now that you've graduated to club 400" laughed Jenny

Caroline screamed as she looked down to find her now downright fat figure was dressed in attire similar to that of her fashion inept friend.
Large love handles sucked up the sides of an ill-fitting t-shirt and poured over the waistband of generic looking spandex trousers.

"What's the matter? Drop your afternoon snack? Let me get that for you, I know you've been having trouble with your mobility recently"

Caroline felt her legs spread and her belly drop between them as the chair she had been sitting on morphed into a rascal scooter.

"You know riding that thing everywhere isn't going to help with your weight, you'll probably hit 700 before Christmas, right?"

Caroline felt the surge of fat on her body this time, her upper arms hanging over her elbows, she could feel the fat on her face quiver as she sighed.


"At least I'll always look slim next to you" laughed Jenny "come on, I'll help you with your groceries, god knows it's a two-person job".

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