Mooby monday

Chapter 1 - monday

I woke up early on Monday morning to the familiar sensation of my girlfriend pressing her lips against mine.

"Mmm good morning" I murmured as I finally opened my eyes to see her smiling face. I moved my arms to embrace her only to find that my wrists were already fastened into the restraints we kept on the bed at all times.

"You've been busy I see" She just laughed as she was busying herself with something at the end of the bed. I scooted up the bed just a little so that I could rest on my elbows, trying to see what she was up to.

"Hey hun" she started before turning to face me "remember a couple of weeks back when we were messing around with that filter on snapchat?"

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Remember how handsome I thought you looked as a dude?"

I felt a little rise in my anxiety levels when I heard that. Emmy was a kinky girl, the kinkiest I'd ever been with. I wondered just what she had planned.

"Yeah it was sweet, what are you up to?"

She pulled a box from the bottom of the bed and opened it, pulling out a fleshy looking item that I quickly realised was a mask. She put it on her hand and turned the face to look at me.

"What do you think?" she asked, that impish grin on her face.

I looked into the eyeless form of the latex mask that stared back at me.

"It... it kinda looks like that snapchat photo"

"That's right! I had it made! Just for you! Well for me too really" she giggled as she started to roll the mask over my face. I was in no position to protest so I let her have her fun.

"What do you think?" she asked as she held a hand mirror in front of my face. I took in my reflection, the short dark hair, the thick eyebrows, the stubble, it was vaguely familiar from the photo. What wasn't so familiar was the chubby cheeks and the large double chin that hung from the mask.

"It looks kinda chubby" I replied "are you sure they made it to your specifications?"

"Oh yes" she purred "you know I'm bisexual but I never told you what kind of guy I like"

I gulped as I looked down at my slim body, half bound to my bed whilst wearing the face of a fat man.

"What kind of guy do you like?" I asked, half knowing the answer.

"Let me show you."

She started pulling a number of boxes from under the bed, some of them looked kinda heavy but she was so excited that it barely showed. She heaved the largest one onto the bed and removed its contents. Inside was a huge flabby gut made from the same latex as the mask. She looked at me expectantly as if trying to gauge my reaction, to be fair, the way the mask clung to my face it must have been pretty easy to see how shocked I looked.

"You want me to wear that?!"

"I sure do baby; you're going to look so hot" she hefted the gut and started moving it towards me. It opened at the rear and used a plastic zip to fasten. As she secured it around me, I felt how snug it was as it was fastened. She paused to heft it again and let it drop. I felt the chins of the mask bunch up as I looked down to see this hairy gut jiggle around me. She let out a contented little moan before she returned to the boxes on the floor.

"And what if I don't want to wear this?" I asked as she lifted the latest piece onto the bed.

She paused and looked me straight in the face.

"Well baby, you don't have to wear it but I did spend a lot of money on this so it'd be nice if you could at least try it. Besides, it might be a little while before I help you out of those restraints if you don't want to play" she smirked.

I just sighed.

"Go on then"

"Thank you, baby," she smiled before going on with her plan. This next piece was the chest of the suit.

"I'm going to have to uncuff you to get these next pieces on, do you promise not to try and escape?"

"Do you promise it's worth my while?" I toyed back. She nodded so I acquiesced. She undid the cuffs and started to pull my arms through the chest piece. It also zipped at the back; the zipper buried beneath the rubber flab. My breasts sat in pockets within the rubber chest, so snug that it felt like they had been made especially for me. I verbalised my thoughts and she confirmed my suspicions.

"They were made from a cast"

"You took a cast of my boobs?!"

"You're a really heavy sleeper" she laughed.

I looked down to see my pert, shapely breasts replaced with a pair of flabby man boobs.

"Happy moob day" she laughed as she busied herself with the next box.

I took the opportunity to check out my new form so far. I was amazed at how the sagging neck of the mask seemed to blend with padded sternum that now covered me. The hairs that covered the chest and gut and circled the droopy nipples were the same dark brown as the hair of the mask, a stark contrast to my fair hair. My slender hands looked out of place as I grasped and the sagging flesh of my false torso but that wouldn't be for long.

The next pieces were a pair of great strapping arms, strapping with fat that is. She rolled them up my arms like a pair of gelatinous gloves. The upper arms wobbled as she pulled them into position and fastened them to the torso. Once one was on, she worked with the other, giving me the chance to observe how different to my regular arms. My delicate, small hands were replaced with ruddy palms with sausage-like digits, thick and meaty. That unfamiliar hair covered my lower arms and sprouted from my armpits.

When she had finished the arms, she paused to kiss me deeply and passionately.

"Thank you for doing this, this is so hot!"

She got me to lie on my fleshy back while she readied my new lower half. I couldn't feel the zips, it was obvious she had spared no expense on this suit.

Next up was the pelvic area and what was to be my brand-new fat ass. She showed it to me before she slipped it over my legs. It wobbled by itself as she held it there for me to inspect briefly, a fine covering of downy fluff covered the cheeks and a thick thatch of wiry hair covered the crotch. She got me to lift my ass as she secured my new bulbous one in place.

The legs went on similarly to the arms, like a fat pair of stockings, adding many inches to my slim pins. These wobbled just as much as the ass and belly and were decorated with small curly hairs from thigh to ankle. She fastened the legs to the pelvis and clapped to herself at her apparent triumph.

At this point she took me by the hands and pulled me to my feet, I instantly felt the weight of the suit as she guided me towards our mirror.

"What do you think fat man?" she asked me, her voice dripping with lust.

I was gobsmacked. The illusion was so lifelike, you couldn't tell there was a slim young woman hidden behind the inches of faux fat. There was just one thing off.

"Are you ready to fuck your girlfriend fatso?"

I nodded my head, feeling my double chin waggle as I did "But how?" I asked.

The final box.

In it was a lifelike cock and balls, erect and fit for purpose. Attached to it was a curved dildo pointing in the opposite direction.

"I can't have all the fun now can I?" she asked as she lubed up the dildo and inserted it into my pussy. I was already quite wet, who knew that being turned into a fat man would be such a turn on?! She attached the fat pad to the rest of the pelvis and my transformation was complete.

She guided me back over to the bed and pushed me back. The bed shook and creaked as my fat ass landed. She eagerly disrobed before straddling my flabby thighs. She reached down and started working the prosthetic cock while maintaining eye contact with me.

"You like that big boy?"

I nodded, eager to play the part for her.

"I know something you'd enjoy more" she grinned as she licked her lips. She forcibly pushed down on the fat pad and I was surprised when the dildo in me began to vibrate. She noticed my favourable reaction.

"Oh yeah, you like that" she remarked as she climbed aboard the fat train, grabbing a hold of my sagging man tits as she inserted my false phallus into her sopping twat. She rode me hard causing my fat frame to jiggle uncontrollably and the moans were not just her own.

"I want to feel you on top of me" she said breathlessly as she rolled off of my blubbery body. I spread her thighs and stuck my fat cock in her effortlessly.

"Oh you've done this before!" she gasped as she tried, unsuccessfully to wrap her legs around me.

"You're so fucking hot" I said in a deeper voice, trying to immerse myself in the role. She appreciated the commitment and pulled me down on top of her, my heavy gut squashing her somewhat as we kissed again.

I began thrusting my hips, fucking my slim girlfriend for the first time. Feeling all the layers of phony flab sway and jiggle rhythmically. My fat man tits slapping against her perfect boobs. She could tell I was close, we both were.

"Are you gonna cum fat man?" she said with ragged breaths

I nodded again as I moaned.

She grabbed a small remote I hadn't noticed from the nightstand.

"Cum for me fat man!" she shouted as she climaxed herself, pushing the button as she did.

I came hard and rolled off of her, stringy white liquid still dripping from my hard cock.

"That must be what the remote was for" I thought as she pressed into my fat pad once again to turn off the vibrator.

"How was your first fuck as a fat dude?" she asked as we lay back, catching our breath.

"Amazing" was all I could manage, still in my deeper voice.

"And just think" she said as she turned to me "It's only Monday"
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
You are an amazing writer!

I feel like I’ve missed so much not having read all your stories.

Precious descriptions and characters.

Thank you.
Danimal 4 years
I really like how descriptive your story is.
Danimal 4 years
I guess it's just a coincidence that our stories are quite similar.
Danimal 4 years
Thanks. I do plan to add more.
PrincessBlurmy 4 years
playing with his moobs.
I was originally going to write a M2BBW story but went the other direction.
Your story is fun though, do you plan to add more to it?
PrincessBlurmy 4 years
After reading your story for the first time just now I can certainly see why you'd think that, there are some similar themes and scenarios going on.
Inspiration however comes from lying in bed with my boyfriend playing with the snapchat filter and playin
Danimal 4 years
Haha... my story inspired you much? smiley