Moving on, bloating out.

chapter 1 - first time meeting again.

Walking through the shopping centre towards Starbucks, I was scanning around looking for her.
It had been 6 months since I'd last seen her, 6 months since she walked out on me.
Still scanning around as I walked, I could see an older, very dapper looking gent in a superb tweed buying a coffee.
A chubby young mother with a huge ass that I take a moment to admire buying donuts whilst rocking her pram.
A couple of teenagers that look like they were made in the same factory as Justin beber, loafing on a bench and staring at their phones.
A hot fat girl wearing a maxi dress heading towards Costa coffee.
A huge metal guy with an iron maiden t-shirt and an epic beard carrying a new TV on his shoulder like a lumber jack hauling a felled tree.

But no sign of Natalie.
She had contacted me completely out of the blue a week ago. Her message just said 'I'm sorry, can we talk?'
Now it's fair to say that after 3 years together I was pretty distraught when she just walked out on me, with the only reason she gave being 'it's just not working'

In the intervening 6 months I had dived into my love of big girls. Previously I had been reticent, but experience had now taught me - go for what you want. What I wanted was big sexy girls.

During my time with Natalie I had never told her that I liked big girls. Even when she gained quite a lot of weight. Sure I'd tell her she looked great, she looked sexy, she looked amazing in that dress. But I never said 'you look hot fat' or words to that effect.
So she yo yo dieted the whole time we were together. Down to 14 stone, then up to 17 stone and back down to 16 stone.

My stroll ended with my arrival at Starbucks. Looking around I couldn't see her, so I ordered an espresso and sat down to wait.

15 minutes passed and still no sign of Natalie. I'd be whiling away the time reading an ebook on my phone about pirates (hey I'm a big kid what can I say), when I got a message.
'Hey I'm here and I've got us both a cappuccino - Nat x'
I looked up and around trying to find her, but couldn't see her.
I text back
'Thanks, my favourite! Where are you sat?'
She replied instantly
'I'm in the back corner next to the tree plant thing'
This confused me. There are no plants in Starbucks.
I text her back quickly
'I still can't see you. I'm at the entrance now next to the Starbucks logo'
Instant response back
"I'm such an idiot, I'm at Costa!"

I'd passed Costa coffee on my way to Starbucks and actually prefer it but we had agreed to meet at the latter.

I downed my espresso and left one coffee shop for another.

Walking over to Costa I straightened my shirt and the canvas blazer that I was wearing.
As I entered I looked around the coffee shop, it was fairly busy and I still couldn't see Natalie but I had been given a landmark - the plant tree thingy.

I spotted it near the back and made my way between the tables towards it.
I was looking around as I wove my way around tables and chairs, yet I still could not see her.

There were three tables next to th plant tree thingy.
One occupied by a hipster on his mac.
The second by the dark haired hot fat maxi dress wearing girl I had seen earlier.
And the third was taken by a slim blonde girl with her back to me.

I got my phone back out and called her.
It started ringing.
I then noticed two things. One was that the seat opposite the hot fat girl wasn't taken and there was a cappuccino sat steaming in front of it.
The second was that the hot fat girl stopped fiddling with her phone and snapped it up to her ear.
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Jazzman 7 years
Have him turn right around and go back to her like a real FA man instead of insecure wimp who is unable to sooth her hurt. Since you asked.
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I really appreciate all the comments and I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying the story.
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I like Stone even as an American because many of the classic authors like Swordfish use it too.
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Just realised that the end of that chapter 6 has been cut off. I'll sort it out in the next one.

Thanks for all the positive comments guys!
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Well, jee wizz, good stuff. Distinct voice, brought about by some lucid phrasing of social commentary which made me laugh, sprinkles of subetextual evidence in favor of character traits (good because outright telling is boring), precisely stated
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