Mr parker

chapter 1

Mr Parker shouts instructions from his seat on the bench as he marks papers. He munches on a chocolate bar with one hand while writing with the pen in the other. As I run past he yells for me to pick up my pace.

It's only my second Pe lesson since coming back from the summer but I have already noticed the change in Mr Parker. His once defined abs have lost definition to the point of being almost unrecognisable with a thin layer of fat covering them. Not enough for anyone else to notice but I do.
He's been wearing loose clothing obviously ashamed of his little summer indulgence. He uses the excuse of marking papers to get out of doing laps with us like he used to. I watch as he stuffs the sixth chocolate bar he's had this lesson in his mouth.

While observing him I've unknowingly slowed my pace to nearly a walk. It's the third time this lesson he's caught me stop running which means....

"Lacey that's the third time this lesson! Detention after school until 4:00" He snaps in between two bites of his seventh bar.

I finish my laps dreading but also anticipating my time with him the afternoon.


I'm sitting at a table with my two best friends Chloe and Jenna when he walks in. My gaze is glued to him from the moments he walks into the room. He strolls up to the buffet and piles his tray high with a mountain of food before hurriedly walking back to his office or classroom to devour the meal. What I wouldn't give to see that!

"Lacey! Lace are you even listening to me!" Choke snaps her fingers in front of my face trying to get my attention.

"Sorry Chloe. Tell me again what you were saying?" I ask.

"So I heard from Jess and she heard from Kyle that Chubby Mrs smith has a huge crush on mr Parker. As if she's even have a chance with him. Hell, more than half the school has tried to get with him and none have been successful." She gossips.

"So that's why she blushes whenever he comes into our English classroom. Poor Mrs smith, she's going to have to loose some weight before he even considers going out with her!" Jenna comments.

I nearly choke on my orange juice. Obviously it is just me who has seen Mr Parkers change and I'm willing to bet he likes Mrs Smith exactly how she is.

After that we continue talking about Prom which is coming up at the end of this year and boys. Typical girl things. I still can't get that conversation about Mr Parker out of my head.


I suffer through last period history before making my way to Mr Parkers classroom which is hidden away in a barely used corner of the school. I like how peaceful it is in his classroom.

As I grow closer I can hear a huge burp coming from the classroom to see that the door had been left ajar. I peek in and see Mr Parker leaning back in his big desk chair cradling his obviously swollen belly. His eyes are shut but I know that he is not sleeping and around him is what's left of his lunch. He ate all of it and I even spot two huge empty Chinese containers in the mix of rubbish. He is only in a button up shirt which was hidden earlier today by a bully jumper and I'm shocked by how much he's grown. The shirt is stretched to the limit and has gaping holes between the buttons. Mr Parker starts rubbing his belly in a circular motion before he lets out another burp and a loud gassy fart.

I decide on that exact moment to knock on the door. He panics sitting upright with difficulty before trying and failing to hide both his belly and the rubbish. I push the door open without permission and walk in.

"Sir? I'm here for detention." I say pretending not to notice the state he's in.

"Oh uh Lacey, yes I'd forgotten about your detention." He mutters almost to himself.

"Do you need help cleaning that up, sir?" I ask gesturing to the rubbish. He nods and goes to put his jumper back on the hide his glorious new belly. I stop him.

"It's too hot in here for a jumper Mr Parker just leave it off." I say while throwing rubbish in the bin.

He sits back down at his desk his face still flushed in embarrassment before pretending to write things down. I sit at a desk in the second row and act like this isn't exactly where I want to be watching my once for teacher destroy his body.

Once he thinks I'm not watching he starts rubbing his belly again and secretly eats another chocolate bar. Where he keeps them all I don't know?! He doesn't think about how rubbing his belly has a tendency to make him burp and soon he's letting out small and frequent belches and the occasional fart. Mr Parker must have forgotten I was even in the room.

"Is there anything I can do for you sir?" I ask suggestively , startling him and making him realise what a pig he had made of himself in front of a student, before getting up and walking to him behind his desk.

"L-Lacey I forgot you were there-" He starts before I place my hands on his belly and rub it so he doesn't have to. I sit before him on his desk while I do this and I pick up the chocolate bar he had dropped onto his desk when he realised I was in the room and shove it into his greedy little mouth.

"Tsk tsk sir? Look at how greedy and lazy you have become. How long have been sitting in this same chair stuffing yourself silly until you feel like your about to explode?" I ask while fumbling with his newly developed belly.

"A while." He replies breathlessly.

"How long exactly, Mr Parker, have you been stuffing your self?" I prompt.

"Two and a half hours." He groans before I find his stash of chocolate in his second drawer and feed him another one.

"Two and a half hours! You've been here for two and a half hours stuffing you face with food when anyone could have walked in and seen the mess you're in."

"Yes." He replies. He likes the idea of being caught.I laugh.

"Oh you like that idea don't you piggy. That someone could walk in and see you at any moment. Can you imagine the shocked look on their face when they see their once perfectly built gym teacher who had six pack abs lounging lazily in a office chair cradling his painfully tight belly."

"I still have abs!" Mr Parker protests while chewing the chocolate bar.

I quickly unbutton his shirt and slap his rounding belly."Does this look like abs to you sir?" I ask.

"I'm just bloated right now!" He defends.

"Whatever you say sir."

Now that i have a better view of his belly i can see the drastic changes to his body. His once muscly 75kg body had now lost nearly all muscle definition. I don't think he'd actually put on any weight but you could see the effects of all the junk food on his body.

I jumped of the desk, grabbed my bag and walked out of the class room with a quick see you tomorrow sir. I left him sitting in the chair gently touching his gut.
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Hope you continue
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