New flatmate

chapter 1

Dan and Sammi met their sophomore year in college. As English majors, they had a few literature classes together. Every Thursday they'd go out to the bars and hang out with their group of friends. Sammi dated Dillon, an art student. He was tall with tan skin and long brown hair. Sammi had medium brown skin and curly dark brown hair. Dillon and Sammi would hit up the gym together most days. They were both in pretty good shape, unlike Dan. Ever since high school, Dan fluctuated in weight, much to his embarrassment. For example, instead of the freshman 15, he had gained the freshman 30. He wasn't tall either; he was around 5'9". He kept his dark brown hair a medium length and kept a short beard. He was introverted and shy but he had a solid group of friends and had fun going out. Dan dated only a few times his sophomore year, and none of these relationships were very serious. It was hard for him to admit, but he felt lonely. One person he could usually confide in was Sammi. But even with her, it was hard to speak deeply.
It was on a hot August morning she showed up at his apartment. Everything was a mess because his flatmate, Thomas, was moving. Sammi was in tears.
"Ughhh" she groaned. "Sorry if it's early. I tried calling."
"Sorry, phone's probably dead. What's wrong" Dan invited her inside. She slumped down on the saggy red sofa.
"It's over. It's over. I've f*d up entirely. He's completely over me" she snapped her fingers, "just like that."
Dan gave her his familiar, platonic embrace. "What happened?"
"I just. I don't know. I told him that maybe I'd like to start seeing other people. And that we could take a short break. You know. I still like him a lot. I just wonder about other people physically sometimes."
"Sure" Dan nodded. He'd experimented sexually. Twice he'd gone out and met a woman who'd take him home and sleep with him, without even getting to know him. And once he'd done that with a man. He understood those urges, even though lately it was hard for him to think about sex at all.
"But he just exploded. He's pretty progressive, you know, so I thought he'd agree with me. But it was just such a turn-off for me to say that apparently. We're done."
Dan made Sammi some breakfast, and he agreed to meet her at her work next morning to see if she was still doing well. She worked at a bakery and often took home the day-old pastries, giving some to Dan, much to his secret delight. Dan went to his work from 12-4. He worked at a warehouse unloading things and taking inventory. It was a pretty active job, and he was thankful because it was some of the only exercise he got. For the rest of the day he helped Thomas move his things into a flat a few blocks away. They were pretty close friends; Thomas just needed some space, he said.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 weeks
Nicely done.

Some writers can’t write sex scenes.

You can.

I love these characters. They seem so vulnerable and real. Thank you n
Rrrtree 2 weeks
Thank you very much!
FrecherTyp 8 years
and so very cute i have to add ;-)
Littleextra 10 years
Brilliant! The last chapter was extremely hot! ^_^
FrecherTyp 10 years
great again ;-)
Rrrtree 11 years
thank you everyone!
FrecherTyp 11 years
oh that was such a lovely sweet sexy story ;-) hehe i loved how she started : like and yo had my donuts...hmm and then you went to mcdonalds ...hmmmm...;-) hehe love this shame thing and at the same time getting horny ^^
TCC 11 years
great job
BeSoft 11 years
I hope she'll make him even fatter soon...
Garfield 11 years
I like it! I wished, I was Dan...
BlakeL 11 years
I like it a lot!
Built4com4t 11 years
wonderful...well done and very believable. i hope there's more where this came from.