Party boy challenge

Chapter 1

I wasn’t really paying attention that night.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my friend group, but sometimes they’re just too idiotic for me to keep up with. That night, everyone was especially rowdy as another school year had just started. We were mostly in our third year at university and had many of us been hanging out in this same friend group since we were freshman. Most of the parties happened at Asher, Kaleb, and Dylan’s place, and they’d just rented a pretty sweet new condo we were enjoying. So everyone was in a pretty good mood and ready to party.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what the game or whatever they were doing was.

The prompt was something like this:

“You don’t have to pay for food for a year, but you gain 80 pounds. Would you do it?”

Most sane adults who know how hard it is to lose that kind of weight would probably say no.

Poor college students might say yes.

I didn’t quite hear it the first time. I was on the crusty couch wasting time on Grindr instead, but I did notice the prompt had caused a roar drunk laughter (well, so does everything on these kind of nights).

Stephanie repeated the question: “You don’t have to pay for food for a year, but you gain 80 pounds. Would you do it?”

I heard the words “gain” and “pounds” in the same sentence. So yeah, that caught my attention.

“No,” several girls chimed in unison.

“Not worth it,” Dylan answered.

“No, but my mom pays for my food anyway,” laughed Asher.

“Maybe,” admitted Kaleb.

“Only on the condition I could lose it quickly,” said Malachi.

“Oh hell yeah!” Max said confidently.

Everyone laughed.

“For real, and then, I would just hire a personal trainer with all the money I saved,” Max said confidently.

“I don’t think that’s cost effective,” Asher stated seriously.

“Shut up, what do you know about money, your mom pays for everything!” Max joked.

“This is 80 pounds of fat, by the way,” Stephanie stated.

“I’d totally do it. Oh! Is beer included?”

“You’re just saying that,” Stephanie rolled her eyes, “no one would do that.”

“Yuh huh! What about people who need to gain the weight! Or people with no food!?”

“But that’s not you, dude! You’d never, really,” someone else laughed.

“Hey. Let’s really make that bet,” Asher declared. Everyone was wasted.

“No way!” protested Malachi. “We cant afford even his beer for the year, let alone his food!

“Yeah, and he doesn’t need his food bought, he has a meal plan,” added Dylan.

Max laughed, “Oh yeah, that’s true!”

“Here’s the deal: we’ll only buy his food on the nights when we all hang out here,” said Asher.

“That’s only like three nights a week!” Max protested.

“And we’ll buy you an xbox at the end of the year,” Asher added with a smile.

“I’ll do it!”

“Wait, wait,” Stephanie huffed. “Who’s 'we'?”

“We’ll pool some money each weekend. I won’t force you to contribute, though,” Asher said.

“Good. I don’t want to support this idiotic scheme.”

“What do we get out of it anyway?”

Asher shrugged. He looked at Max, who took a second to realize everyone was waiting for him to say something.

“Oh! You can like, make fun of me or whatever,” he answered in his typical jovial manner that was present whether he was drunk or not.

“We always do that anyway!” Someone laughed.

It was true. The clown of the group, but also the airhead, and seemingly thick-skinned to a fault, Max was always either being laughed at or laughed with.

“You have to gain 80 pounds though,” stated Asher. “Or no xbox. And we’ll only go until June. Not the end of the year.”

“That’s like… nine months,” Malachi said, quick with math as always. “Is that even possible?”

“I’ll do it!” Max stamped his foot.

“Dude. You’re gonna be fat,” Kaleb laughed.

“Not as fat as you!” Max retorted playfully.

“Hey!” Kaleb wrinkled his brow. “That’s not true.”

Kaleb was right.

I’m weirdly skilled at guessing guy’s weights.

Because on top of being gay, I’m really, like really, into fat guys.

I’d put both Kaleb and Max both at 5’11”… And while Kaleb was a little thick at what I’d estimate to be in the 230-240 pounds range, it wasn’t anywhere near actually fat… at least for my taste.

Max I’d guess is around 180 pounds. Not much body fat, actually, but a good amount of muscle mass. For such a clown, you’d think he might be a bit of a lazy slob but he’s actually pretty strict about his appearance. And for him, that means hitting the gym a lot. We aren’t exactly gym buddies, I’m more of a loan wolf for that kind of thing, but I do see him there a lot.

So 80 pounds added onto his frame should put him at 260… I had to suppress a shudder of lust.

“So what if he’s not getting fatter?” Kaleb asked. “Are we just going to keep paying for this fool’s food?”

“We’ll call it off,” Asher shrugged his shoulders.

“Sad!” Max lamented dramatically.

My d*** was at a half-chub. This kind of intentional rapid weight gain is something a guy like me dreams of witnessing. My head started spinning thinking of ways I could help make this successful. He *has* to get fat. And I’m going to help.
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