Ian’s weight gain

Chapter 1 - meeting

Ella and Ian met at a house party in September. Ian, awkward as usual, sat down at a table in the midst of the crowded college party to quietly drink his beer. He didn't usually like these kind of house parties but his roommate, Lewis, insisted that he go. When Ian sat down, Ella immediately decided that he would be a great person to talk to. When she became this drunk, she couldn't stop talking, and tonight was no exception. But she wasn't exactly wasted, just drunk enough to almost completely dominate the conversation. But Ian was a good listener. They soon realized they were into a lot of the same things, such as Star Trek, classic novels, and baking.

"Take me home?" Ella finally asked.

Ian looked surprised.

She laughed, "not like that! I just want to get out of this dump. Come home with me and help me sober up. I've got work tomorrow and I can't go in with a hangover."

Ian agreed. They left through the side door of the house as to not attract attention, but they got some weird looks anyway. It's fine, Ian thought, they'd never assume anything was going on between a hot girl like Ella and a fat loser like me.

He watched her as she skipped ahead of him, still very drunk. He tried not to think about her perky breasts and tiny waist underneath her tight blue velvet dress. He thought of how much he wanted to bury his face... Nope, can't go there, she's too drunk, he thought.

"Do you live alone?" He asked, catching up to her skipping. She slowed to a walk.

"Yea, it's just a studio. Super small. Don't even think about hurting me though, the walls are thing and I've got plenty of neighbors."

Ian turned red. "No, I was just... wondering if anyone would be there to think this was weird."

Ella laughed. "What's weird about it? I just don't wanna sober up alone. That sounds boring. You're so cool to talk to. I hope I'm not bothering you... but to tell the truth, you give me this vibe like you need someone to talk to, or to listen to you, or maybe just to listen to. So I'm not really worried that I might be bothering you."


"Yo u're so quiet. You looked gloomy at that party."

"Well to tell the truth, I just don't like parties like that. I'm pretty lame. I'd rather stay in on a Friday night. And drinking makes me moody" he laughed awkwardly.

Ella smiled. She was silent for a few minutes. Then she stopped in front of a bookshop, and unlocked the door next to the shop's entrance. "I live above a book store. You could say that's pretty kicka***. However, my studio's really small and old. And I have to share a bathroom with 5 other tenants."

They quietly went inside the corridor and started up the stairs. Ella suddenly stopped in front of him, making Ian, to his embarrassment, bump into her with his stomach.

"Hey," she whispered, "Let's watch some tv. Like maybe Star Trek or some anime. No, wait," she got excited, "we'll watch Blue Velvet in honor of my dress." She winked, "Just kidding. David Lynch might be too weird for tonight. But hey, while we watch something, let's make some cookies. I'm starving and I bet you are too," she winked again and she poked Ian's belly.

Ian was mortified. He hated having attention called to his soft figure. But cookies did sound delicious...
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Littleextra 4 years
Oh my! Why has it taken me so long to read this? I've been missing out. I loved it! Felt very real. Thanks for posting!
Eating And E... 7 years
ADORABLE.... and such a fatty.
FrecherTyp 8 years
h what an incredible sweet and naughty story and even some plane action ^^ ....

and the last scene was hot ^^
Asi 10 years