Bakery treats

Chapter 1 - cadence meets her portly neighbor

Cadence got home from work at her the bakery around 4:30 pm. Being November, it was already dark outside. She noticed the car parked in the spot next to her designated parking spot had it lights on. She checked to make sure no one was in the car and decided she had better tell the owner that they'd left their lights on. She noted earlier that the spot belonged to her neighbor across the hallway from her apartment. She hadn't spoken to him before as she had only moved in a few weeks prior, but she had seen him about a few times.

She rang his doorbell and waited. The door popped open and a surprised face peeked through. His hair was wet and his face ruddy. He must have just stepped out of the shower.

"Hey, your car is the white Honda? You left your lights on."

He cleared his throat nervously. He had deep brown eyes and dark brown hair. He had a short, neatly trimmed beard, and his cheeks were a little round. "Oh! Ok. Thanks for letting me know!"

"No problem" Cadence smiled, "I'm Cadence, by the way" she held out her hand, "I live across the hall. Good to meet you."

He shook her hand, at which point Cadence noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt, only shorts, probably because he just stepped out of the shower, Cadence felt embarrassed. He face reddened even more, "I'm Marco," he mustered, "good to meet you also."

"Yep, alright, have a good one!" Cadence said and turned away to her apartment. Why was that so awkward, she wondered? Why did she have to make everything so awkward? He seemed nice but also shy. She had never seen anyone else go in or out of the apartment so he must live alone, she thought. She would have liked to stop and talk to him more but she felt bad that she had caught him half-undressed. Her mind wouldn't stop going back to the glimpse she got of him without his shirt. He was heavy, she had known that by seeing him around now and again, but up close he was much heavier than she had realized. Obviously, she didn't really get that great of a look at him, it would have been too noticeable.

She was athletic herself and worked out daily in order to negate any effect munching on treats from her bakery. However, deep down she had always had a fascination for men with excess flesh. She loved seeing repeat customers with extra pounds coming back for more fattening treats. She liked to imagine that she was partially responsible for their growing waistline and double chins.

But being with a fat gut had always remained a distant fantasy to her. She had never managed to hook up with a heavier guy, partially because she was shy and partially because she was worried she'd get carried away admiring their girth and get called out publicly for her fetish. That night she had dreams of her rotund neighbor in bed with her, getting fatter and fatter every minute...

_________________________________ _

A couple of weeks later, a plump customer caught Cadence's attention. From where she stood behind the bakery counter, she couldn't see his face, but by judging by his hair and posture he was young, probably around her age. She took a look at what he had on his table, taking care not to be caught staring by anyone. He had a French dip and a big bowl of creamy clam chowder. There was also a plate with 5 or 6 chocolate chip cookies and a plate with a thick slice of German chocolate cake. She was also please to see a large cup of hot cocoa with plenty of whip cream on top. She watched him for a few minutes out of the corner of her eye, fascinated by his appetite He looked like he was really enjoying his meal, and she thought she saw him adjust his huge belly with his hands a few times. She wanted so badly to go out of the kitchen and ask him how he was enjoying his meal, but she didn't want to attract any undue attention to either of them.

Eventually, when she was convinced none of her coworkers would notice, she grabbed a chocolate tart and made her way over to her portly customer. She felt like she just had to get another look at this incredible glutton. To her surprise, however, as she got closer she realized who it was. She was just about to turn back when he turned and saw her.

"Oh hey neighbor" she said, trying to sound natural, not like she was getting turned on finding Marco stuffing himself right in front of her.

"Oh hey! I didn't know you worked here," he sounded slightly embarrassed.

"Yeah I'm the head baker. My aunt and uncle hired me after I finished culinary school. Have you been here before?"

"No I haven't. I'm kind of new to town."

"So am I, actually."

"So do you, like, cook all this stuff?"

"Well not really everything, but I'm kind of in charge."

"That's awesome," he smiled wide, "everything's so good."

"Well I'm really glad you enjoyed it," Cadence was smiling back but she couldn't help but take a quick glance at his belly. It looked so stuffed and soft! "Oh, uh, you ordered this too, but we forgot it?" She lied about the chocolate tart and handed it over.

Marco turned red. "Oh, I don't think I did, that must have been someone else."

"Oh! Um, well do you want it anyway? I'm not sure what to do with it."

"Alright," he smiled, patting his belly, "I'll take it off your hands. Thanks."

"Well, hope to see you come by again soon," she said, trying to sound casual and not like this conversation was way more interesting to her than it should have been.
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