New job

chapter 1

Peter was a 35 years old working in a bank.
He was married with Cristine and have a daughter called Mia who are 3 years old. He always been and active person but always fantasied about gaining weight and being fat, but he knows that being fat is something that doesnt like to his wife. He was 178cm and 75 kg

One day the human resources boss call him and tell that the company must do some changes and he was fired.

At his age in the middle of a big crisis will be difficult to find a new job and Peter begins a depresion. His life for the next 6 months was stay at home laying in the sofa and eating junk food. He piled some weight an now he was 90kg.

But one day looking his mobile read an announcement that sounds interesting.

A food company that have 5 pastisseries locals in the city were looking people for serve coffees and pastries in one of the stores. This was not interesting for Peter, but following text it was better. They were looking for people between 34-36 years old, around 178cm and 90 kg. Income will be 2500 euros with lots of possibilities to progress in the store. It wasnt necessary experience before.

Peter calls the telephone number and arranged an interview with boss next day.

When he enter to the pastissery smells soo good and became so hungry inmediatly. The boss secretary opened the door office and invite him to seat in the sofa because the boss are a little delayed. Before the sofa were a box with 10 cookies inside. I was so hungry and while boss come i decided to pick one. It was delicios!!. I need to pick another one, and another untill I see that i finished all them. In this moment the door opened and enter and old man with and elegant suit. He looks at me and looked the box of cookies and the only phrase he say was: congrats Peter, I think you will be perfect for the job. Tomorrow 6:00 a.m will start here with a medical visit because we take care of our employees and 7:00.

Next day at 6:00 I was ready for a blood analitycs, blood presure etc etc and, at 7:00am I was there and when I knock the door another guy with a round belly says me hello.

Hi, i suppose you are Peter, my name is Oliver nd i will be your supervisor while you work here, I was like you till yesterday but I was promoted. Come in that I will introduce all your new coworkers
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