One pig farm

Chapter 1 - dinner parties

"So, how did you two meet?" asked the client, as Troy brought them for dinner at the beautiful house he shared with Emma. It was the standard dinner party before Troy managed to get them to sign whichever contract he was going after that week, and Emma knew by now how to put on a good show to impress Troy's clients.

Emma looked at Troy with a cheeky grin before recounting the usual lie. "We met through work," she began. "Troy was representing my publishers and, he just swept me off my feet!" she lied, going on to embellish the story with more details that were equally as false; painting the perfect romantic story that the clients wanted to hear.

Emma loved the irony of it all. If anyone were to look at her husband Troy, they never would have guessed what their relationship was really like. Tall, broad and chiselled beyond words, Troy was the ultimate business man; making clients swoon with his perfect smile and killer physique; it was all part of the sales pitch. Female clients fell at his feet and guys, especially the young guys, seemed to imagine themselves achieving just a small fraction of his success by working with him.

It was nice not to have to worry about money. At the grand old age of 39, Emma's husband Troy, was heading into a comfortable semi-retirement, rolling in cash from years of careful investments. Rich, handsome and powerful, to all the world it seemed as if Emma had found the perfect husband - and she really had. The way Troy wore his smart suit everyday made people drool over him; his broad shoulders, perfect stubble and tanned face; his well-fitting expensive shirts that pressed up against his impossibly built pecs; his trim waist and tight abs, Troy could easily have been labelled California's most eligible bachelor before Emma had snapped him up.

So how did Emma lure Troy in? It wasn't as simple a story as they both made out. Emma had actually met Troy through a dating app; but not just any old dating app - both of them were far too kinky for that.

Troy seemed so strong and dominating as he entered a room, it made Emma smile to know what happened as soon as people left. How Troy would slide down onto his knees and allow himself to be taken over by Emma; loving every second of being submissive. It made Emma incredibly aroused to know that she could make this hot, handsome stud do whatever she wanted. Despite her many previous relationships, she had never known anyone who got off on surrendering himself quite like Troy did.

Handcuffs, ropes, outfits, Emma had tried them all on Troy, watching him orgasm everywhere each and every time. Both of them seemed to live two lives, projecting polar opposites of themselves to the rest of the world. In work, Troy was a powerful force to be reckoned with, whilst in the bedroom, he got off on taking orders and humiliating himself for Emma's pleasure. Emma meanwhile, played the part of the doting, supportive wife, working from home and quietly helping Troy to build up his empire. But once the doors were shut, no one would have guessed what a kinky, dominant powerhouse she became.

"You seem like such a sweet couple!" marvelled the client, fishing out their pen to sign the contracts at the end of the evening.

Emma looked across at Troy as the client had their head down to sign. She stared hard, with a devious grin on her face. She knew that Troy was going to show his appreciation this evening once the client had gone. She never did anything without expecting something in return.
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Muffintopmanor 1 year
Why tf is it one pig farm if some other dude comes in at the end??? Killed the vibe for me, didn't need Justin.
BulkBrit 4 years
Very nice scenario. I’m gay and would love Emma to have a muscle stud foreman to wrangle some gay hogs in to shape too.

Thanks for a great story, well written.
Blakebristol0 4 years
I think a sequel is in order. So good!
Feeder862 4 years
This story is now complete. But if you enjoyed it, please check out my other male weight gain stories.
Feeder862 4 years
Only two chapters left for this story. We will soon be leaving the pig shed.
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Oh my. It just keeps getting better and better. I love how out of control he’s become. Chapter 15 is great. Ch. 16 makes me wonder, who is Justin?
Feeder862 4 years
Thanks very much. It's harder to find an audience for male gainer stories on here, so I am very glad that you are enjoying it and want it to continue.
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
I envy your writing skills, patiently building tension, then release.

Chapter 12 leaves me screaming for more. But I’m patient too. Take your time. The quality of this tale demands some time.
BeSoft 4 years
I am looking forward to see more.
Aquarius64 4 years
I wait in anticipation for more.
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
I love how you create such a slow buildup in this story.

I envy your patient writing skills. Chapter 5 leaves me wanting more.
Td0057 4 years
Great set up through chapter 3. I hope her fantasies match his.