Paul's dilemma

chapter 1- happy anniversary babe

“*Pant* Ugh! Come on!” Claire’s posh voice grunted wildly through the downtrodden walls of her boyfriend’s messy apartment.

“Almost there! *Wheeze* Almost there!” She seethed, as her voice echoed down the small hardwood floor of the little hallway that connect her boyfriend’s bedroom to the rest of the apartment, “Ugh! *pant* Yes!! Grrraaaahhhhh!!! Get up there!”

“Come on this isn’t happening! You know you wanna fit over my ass! Come on! Please?” The noise of her stressed voice now softly rang around the kitchen/living room area where Paul listened in a certain amusement to the sound of his girlfriend’s struggles, “Fit! Fit! Fit!! Ugh!!! *Rip!* No!! Really?!”

With that, Paul immediately stood up from the couch. Had his ears just heard correctly?? Was that the sound of his beautiful girlfriend’s big ass ripping through her favorite pair of shorts? He remembered what she looked like in them a few months ago when she’d first modeled them for him at the mall. He’d been craving to see how they would hug her figure now that her womanly hips and lavishly padded buttocks had blossomed even fuller than before.

In the year since they’d started dating, Claire had slowly transitioned from a 136 pound twenty-year-old into a significantly chubbier 21-year-old. If only he knew just how much weight, she’d gained. It had to be at least 40 pounds at this point, maybe 50 by the sound of those shorts ripping, or more! Paul couldn’t help salivating at the though of knowing the truth.

Taking a breath and trying to play his excitement cool, Paul reasoned that his eagerness would likely have to wait. If Claire had outgrown her favorite shorts, she’d certainly be less oblivious about her growing figure than before. He was walking a fine line. Asking Claire about her weight was a sure-fire way to draw unwanted attention to an aspect of his girlfriend that he found increasingly irresistible. In the meantime, he’d have to be content with the thought of Claire trying to find something else to wear for their anniversary date.

Paul wondered with excitement at how kindly the increased fullness of his girlfriend’s figure would treat the meager supply of clothes she stored in his bedroom. He couldn’t hear her voice anymore. His imagination was running wild thinking of how Claire must be reacting to the now undeniable recent developments to her quite chubby figure.

“They’re destroyed?? My ass destroyed them.. They felt tighter.. Just a little bit tighter.. I didn’t think they’d rip.. Fuck.. I just bought these!” Claire whimpered to herself, in a less than dignified tone, while her hands explored the damage around her round fleshy tushy. Feeling concerned, she turned her back to the mirror that she’d placed on her boyfriend’s closet door. This was a major wakeup call. She didn’t want to admit it, but she needed to assess the damage.

She subconsciously knew her sexier clothes were fitting much tighter lately than they normally did, but her mind had told her that maybe her boyfriend had just shrunken them in the wash. After all, the normal myriad of skirts and pretty, non-restrictive dresses she chose to wear on a daily basis didn’t alert her to the changes taking place around her softening body. She prayed the source of her current frustration was the pesky basement washing machine. The other possibility was one she dreaded to admit.

Peering around her shoulder, her eyes widened at what she saw. Claire’s cheerful demeanor, which always seemed to serve her so well, finally faltered, “God.. What the hell? Did I get fatter or something? My butt is so big!”

Reluctantly pulling her gaze from the mirror, Claire stared down at her body in a mix of embarrassment, shame, and a solid sprinkle of fear. She was never one to put on weight, well.. not until recently.. She’d become so comfortable in her relationship with Paul.. Had she really let herself go that much?

No.. She wasn’t sleeping too much lately, and she’d certainly been snacking more out of stress.. Maybe she’d put on a little weight because of how often she stayed up late studying? Or maybe the new protein shakes her boyfriend started serving her for breakfast every morning contained too many calories for her metabolism to process.. She hoped it wasn’t the shakes because they were quite yummy.

Thinking a bit more deeply, her climbing weight was probably the result of the sheer amount of day’s she’d avoided the gym to cuddle with her boyfriend on the couch, drink with him at bars, or dine with him across town.

Whatever the reason, it didn't matter anymore.. Looking down past the b-cup breasts cradled tightly by her bra, Claire could plainly see her waist had grown. The stubbornly small bit of lower-belly pudge she’d carried since childhood had inflated into a ballooning mess of thick chub that jutted out from the waistband of her dangerously tight panties into a distinctly rounded muffin top complete with a pair of mushy love handles. If her gut didn’t look so soft, the convex ‘outie’ navel she possessed, coupled with the roundness of her outward poking belly, would probably cause people to think she was in the mid stages of pregnancy.

She’d once been proud of her abs’ relative tightness and pleasing aesthetic beauty but now, as her fingers prodded her soft and squishy gut, she felt betrayed by the body she’d once loved to put on display at the beach with her friends. Her body used to look simply magnificent tightly laced in a bikini, but now she knew she’d look awful in one. It wasn’t fair, but somehow her breasts hadn’t grown in size, along with her the rest of her enlarged body. Any growth in her modest bust size was clearly dwarfed by her sprawling gut, widened hips, and colossal butt cheeks. Looking at herself now.. she felt like a whale!

How had she let herself go to this point? To add insult to injury, while looking at herself in the mirror, Claire wasn’t even sure which stuck out more, her gut or her butt. Even in high school, when she’d been her absolute thinnest, Claire’s booty sported a bit more shape than she would have liked. As she’d gotten older her distinctly perky bottom swelled as the volume of her butt cheeks inflated ever more from the lazy lifestyle she’d embraced over the past year. Even her once toned thighs had bulged with a soft fullness that betrayed her body’s lack of fitness. In high school she’d once called herself a cross country athlete, now she couldn’t manage five minutes on the treadmill without becoming embarrassingly out of breath. Even her arms, once lean and slightly toned, now appeared slightly rounded and softened with additional girth.

She had to admit to herself that the original outfit she had planned to wear for the night wasn’t going to fit. She needed to figure something else out. Heck, even her bra and tight panties looked ready to rip apart into shreds!

She needed to buy new clothes. Unfortunately, to do that she needed money and she’d spent the last of her cash on textbooks for the fall semester that was about to start..

She’d have to make do with what she had. But what clothes did she have at her boyfriend’s apartment?? Claire opened up the drawer Paul essentially let her have in his dresser. There were a couple different tops, a pair of white denim jeans, a pair of blue jeggings, a sports bra with some old yoga pants and an old dress she’d left here after a lovely date night she’d had with Paul back during the beginning of the summer.

Grabbing the jeans, Claire quietly resolved to herself, “I’ll make them fit. It’ll be no problem. No problem at all..”
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DanishPastries 1 year
That was one heck of a story! I've had so much fun , and a fair deal of... Excitement... From reading it! Thank you so much for contributing so greatly to the society! You're really a star! 🌟🌟🌟
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Sweden1997 Your comment got cut off by the character limit, please feel free to PM me if you wanna share more of your thoughts! If you liked the story up to ch 17, I think you would enjoy the later parts of the story even more.
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Stranger43 Thank you for reading! It was very fun to write!

@ClearSkyNZ Thank you! That means a lot! I hope you enjoy the next one!
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@bluephantom42 I may do an epilogue someday, but for the moment I think I want to leave the future of the characters to the head canon of the reader. Thanks for the feedback!
ClearSkyNZ 4 years
Hey man just wanted to say your writing is great. Loved this story, with its characters. Its very rare for these kinds of stories to have so much heart in them and you do that. Looking forward to your next story
RatedMForMas... 4 years
This is my favorite story I've read on here. Thanks for the effort!
Bluephantom42 4 years
The story was very good. I really enjoyed it. The ending was good, but an epilog detailing the lives of everyone two years later would be a welcomed addition. You could include Paul and all the sisters. I realize there was a lot of time and effort y
Polarisdreamer 4 years
*** that go along with this story. There is also a final illustration that hints at what Emma's been up to after the part she played in chapter 11!
Polarisdreamer 4 years
I hope people enjoyed the story! It was a lot of work, but it really was a lot of fun! Credit goes to berserker1133 for coming up with the idea for the story, as well as being my editor. Check out berserker's deviantart page to see the illustrations th
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Whatyoutalk and @ClearSkyNZ I think your comments got cut off for some reason, could you repeat whatever is missing? I do really value your feedback
ClearSkyNZ 4 years
Hey good job on the story I'm really invested in the characters. I know you're not done with the story but I get the vibe Claire wants to fatten Paul and Paul wants to fatten Claire. I don't think it will work both ways. All I can say is I kept reading fo
Polarisdreamer 4 years
I just want to clarify that the final chapter still has two more parts before the story is over. @Whatyoutalk I don't want to get into spoilers, but stick around. The ride ain't over yet
Urlacher127 4 years
One of my favorite stories. Semi depressed by the end but it may have been the right ending.

Well done.
Polarisdreamer 4 years
I'll be posting the final chapter in parts this week, expect five updates to the chapter, should be able to post one each day. I hope people enjoy! Thanks for sticking with the story!
Polarisdreamer 4 years
Thank you everyone for all the encouragement! I'm currently writing the conclusion for Paul's Dilemma. It is about halfway done, I suspect I will be ready to post it within a weeks time. Thanks for the interest!
RatedMForMas... 4 years
I check back every day to see if there's more!
Fatchance 4 years
Sure hope more is coming! This is a fabulous story!
Wheresmyfeet 4 years
Love the story! I am excited for the next chapters!
Fatchance 4 years
This story is SO fantastic! Please keep it coming!
Fluffylove 4 years
Love the story. Keep it going as long as you can. Turn her into a real food addicted hog
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