Chapter 1 - from 120 to 500 pound in a couple years

This a true story.
Her name was Eva, and she was the reason why I discover that I liked seeing people gain weight. I was a freshman in college and I remember her as the usual 18 year old girl. She had a cute face, nice full lips, hazel eyes, light brown hair and a nice diamond shape face. The most special part about her was her body, she was pretty active, so her body looked firm, her stomach was flat, her legs were toned and had a nice thigh gap in between. The best part was that she had nice decent boobs and a really nice ass. I gotta say that I never really liked her, she was kind of slutty with almost every guy around but I have to confess she was good looking and really attractive. Most guys were all over the place around her, asking her out, making out with her at parties, touching her butt in the hallway. She was okay with guys touching her and showing their attention to them, she loved it. I gotta say I don't know the reason for her weight gain, I was just an spectator of her massive gain.
During the first 4 months of class she was just as I have described and this was the time when most guys made out with her and she could enjoy being slutty. I remember she would wear short skirts and crop tops all the time. Always trying to show how nice her body was. She always had a big appetite, that kind of person who eats a lot and not healthy food but stays slim. I hate that kind of people...
Anyway, after those first 4 months, I started to notice her body looking a little plump, nothing alarming, just a little extra flesh, her waist looking bigger and her belly looking less flat. She was still getting all the attention from before, but some of the girls had started commenting her things about her weight. A month later she had gained more weight, and more the next one. Her clothes started looking way too tight, making her look like she was full of air. Guys stated loosing interest on her, as her slim body was now plump. She started to show a nice soft round belly that kept growing as time went by. She started to cover her body up with all kind of clothes, but as a new fatty, she was not good at it. I remember one specific day, by march of that freshmen year when I saw her at the cafeteria, she was eating a bacon with eggs sandwich and some cake. I noticed now her belly now folded into 2 rolls of fat. Her arms also looked bigger, just like her legs and butt, but the thing that caught my eyes the most was her face, it looked rounder, it was loosing it's diamond shape and looking more round.
She kept trying to flirt with guys and even hooked up with some of them, that later regretted it, but most of them were off to someone else.
Time kept going, month after month, and what people thought was just a little gain started to become a massive weight gain. Until march she had gained about 35 pounds, but after that that, she was gaining faster. No one could explain why, she was just ballooning up at a really fast pace. By May we all thought she looked like she was at least 200 pounds, which was a lot for how short she was. She was almost perfect round, her belly was huge, soft and hanged a bit, her butt was also really round and big. Her arms and legs had gained a huge amount of weight in those past months and she looked obese from every angle.
She kept gaining, people talked about her all the time, it was kind of pathetic for the guys to say that that chunky girl used to be hot. People who didn't know her before were shocked at how she used to look, since she didn't even look like the same person. The summer arrived, and I lost track of her for 2 months, until my sophomore year started. Over summer she seemed to have gain at least 50 pounds if not more. She was huge, having trouble walking already and looking nothing like just one year before.
Over the year she gained, and gained, it seemed like she could not stop. People even said that it was some kind of illness she had, we later discovered that there was no illness, just food. She would eat a lot, ice cream, burger, pizza, everything greasy that they sold around the campus. She was now using bit t-shirt and baggy pants to cover herself up, but it was impossible not to notice her when you saw her entering in class. The chairs sounded as she sat every time, we all thought they were going to break one of those days. Eventually she got to the 400 pounds, nobody would sit next to her since it was uncomfortable to have her always hitting you with her arm, or her leg touching yours.
By the end of the school year she was 500 pounds, her belly hanged in a way I had never seen before, her belly folded into 3 big rolls of fat when she sat. Her butt was all over hanging out of the chairs.
Over those two years I enjoyed seeing a beautiful thin girl turn herself into a whale. Seeing pictures of her over time make me enjoy even more remembering the whole process. She has gained more weight over the years, but at a slower pace. Every time I see her eating somewhere of in the street I like to remember how she used to look next to her. Or I imagine all the boys she had made out with, making out with her now, trying to hug her, laying on top of her belly, or squished under her massive tummy. I also enjoy imagining her in her old clothes, her tiny crop tops, her mini skirts...
I always hope I get to see this transformation in some one else.
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