Really getting fat

chapter 1

As they walked into the sandwich shop, Jeff tugged at his t-shirt, which was barely covering his growing belly. His girlfriend Amanda loved the tummy her man was growing, and couldn't wait to watch him eat lunch. This place was famous for huge, mouthwatering sandwiches, and Jeff was starved.

The menu said that one sandwich was more than enough to feed two people, but Amanda ordered them each their own sandwich anyway. They sat in a booth--a bit of a tight squeeze for Jeff--while their food was prepared.

"I'm starving," Jeff said, his hand absently tracing the curve of his belly.

"Good," Amanda replied, already imagining him stuffing his face.

When the sandwiches arrived, Jeff dug in greedily. Before long, he had polished off half the sandwich, and was working on the second half. He drained his Coke and let out a contented sigh. He made quick work of the rest of the sandwich, seeming barely to come up for air between huge bites. Almost startled by his suddenly clean plate, Jeff looked across the table into the smiling eyes of his lovely girlfriend.

No match for the eating prowess of her boyfriend, Amanda had finished about a third of her sandwich before calling it quits.

"Mmm. Hey babe, are you gonna finish that?" he asked.

"Nope, all yours," she said, and slid her plate across the table.

"Thanks. These sandwiches are just so good."

"If you like them so much, how about I get another one to go? You can have it for lunch tomorrow." Amanda suggested.

"Ooh, great idea!" Jeff said, his mouth already full.

Jeff practically inhaled the rest of Amanda's meal. It was only as he was licking his fingers that he realized just how full he was.

"Oh man, I guess I overdid it a little," he said, breathing heavily.

"Must have been hungry," Amanda smirked.

It was then that the third sandwich arrived, packaged to go. Without even thinking, Jeff tore open the packaging and took a bite.

"Just a taste, you know," he said, by way of explanation, "I'll save the rest for lunch tomorrow."

But no sooner had the delicious food hit his lips than he was on autopilot, stuffing his face with all of the food in front of him. Before he knew it, the third sandwich was gone.

"Oof," he said, resting a hand on the top of his now visibly distended belly, "Guess I--urp--was hungrier than I thought."

"And you have mustard all over your face."

Jeff blushed, and started to stand to go to the restroom and clean himself up. But he didn't get very far. As he tried to heave his bulk up, his gut knocked hard into the table, prompting a deep, rumbling burp. He clutched his belly as it spasmed into a hiccup. As his gut surged forward from the force of the hiccup, he felt the button of his pants give way. The sudden release of pressure, both from the burp and the loosening of his constricting pants, prompted an involuntary sigh of pleasure.

Amanda smiled, "Looks like someone enjoyed his lunch."

Too full to say anything in return, Jeff squeezed out of the booth and waddled to the restroom. "I'm getting really fat," he thought, "I have get this eating under control." But it wasn't until he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror to wipe the mustard from his face that it truly struck him just how big he was getting. His t-shirt was nolonger covering his belly, not by a long shot. There were at least three inches of gut hanging below the fabric no matter how he tried to pull it down. And now his pants had no hopes of ever closing again, he had to face facts. He had just eaten his way out of his clothes.

Both embarrassed and aroused, Jeff waddled back to the table. Sitting in front of Amanda were three huge milkshakes.

"Apparently every sandwich comes with a milkshake," she said mischievously.

"Ooh...I'm so full. There's no way I can drink a milkshake. I mean, baby, I just ate myself out of my pants," he said, carefully lowering his heavy body back into the booth.

"Well, I can't help you. I'm lactose intolerant, remember?" Amanda said, devilishly, "Just have a sip. You don't need to finish them."

Jeff tried a milkshake. It was the best he had ever tasted, and he quickly sucked down the whole thing. Struggling to catch his breath, he moved on to the second, which went down just as easily. Before he knew it, all three cups were empty, and he was panting softly.

"Let's get you and that stuffed belly home," Amanda said.

She paid the bill and helped her boyfriend ease out of the booth, careful not to jostle his full-to-bursting tummy. Jeff slowly staggered toward the door of the restaurant, but was winded before they even reached the door.

"Mmm...I don't...urp...think I...can make the car," he panted.

"Don't worry, you can sit on the bench outside. I'll pull the car around."

Jeff had to face facts. He was really getting fat. Too stuffed to walk to the car? This was a new level of pigging out, even for him.

Amanda opened the car door for him, and he eased his massive body into the passenger seat. He had to lean it all the way back just to get comfortable and spent the whole drive home groaning and massaging his aching gut. When they finally pulled into the driveway, it took him three tries to heave himself out of the car to stagger into the house.
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Sugarkitten7 7 years
This story was amazing! Hope you continue smiley
Hurgon 8 years
Brilliant stuff. No wonder he was winded just walking to the door after eating like *that*!
SilkySunshine 8 years
Please continue!