By HunnyBun

Chapter 1

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Benny brushed crumbs and a stray piece of lettuce from his dress shirt and watched them roll down his ample gut and onto his car’s floor. He checked his face in the visor mirror as well, there couldn’t be any signs of the mini feast he’d had in his car on the way home. He had fully planned to drive straight home after work, especially knowing it was Thursday. His wife Jess worked from home on Thursdays and typically had the time to make something amazing for dinner. But as he saw those golden arches appearing in the distance, he couldn’t help but think about what he would get if he stopped by. A Big Mac, maybe two, and a couple of McChickens, his favorite. Some nuggets would be nice, twenty or so with fries because you have to have fries. And there was that new McFlurry flavor he wanted to try…Before he knew it he was making the turn into the drive thru and ordering everything that looked good. He ate his food, enough to feed around four people, in his car in the parking lot, scarfing it down fast so as not to let too much time go by and have Jess wondering where he was. Now he was home, sitting in the driveway and adjusting his uncomfortably tight belt. She’d be upset if she knew for sure. She’d told him time and time again not to ruin his appetite for dinner but it felt nearly impossible given all the fast food places he had to pass by leading into the neighborhood. He grabbed the empty food containers and crumpled them into the paper bag. Then, using more effort than he should have to, opened the car door and shuffled out, nearly stumbling from the sudden shift in weight in his stuffed belly. After checking himself one last time through the car window, he threw his trash into the outdoor bin and headed inside. .
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Cuddlist 3 weeks
Love this story! Thank you smiley
Lurker888 3 weeks
This is the hottest thing I've ever read!
JoeJay 3 weeks
Built4com4t 4 weeks
Excellent…very arousing!
Angerday 4 weeks
Very hot story! Please keep writing!
Reyb1028 4 weeks
This was a fantastic read 😭 my imagination was piqued