Sara and megan - twinspansion!

chapter 1

Sara and Megan were twin sisters. They grew up liking similar things, excelling in school and being very popular with boys and girls alike. They were identical twins. I-DEN-TI-CAL, like amazingly so. Being 5'7 and 160 lbs, they were curvy, but in all the right places. Long brunette hair lay smoothly and weightless across their shoulders and down to mid back. The girls ended up going to different colleges, wanting to get some time alone. Time to be themselves without an exact replica on the same campus. Time to be an individual. After looking so perfectly alike for so long, it was odd that after a couple months in college Sara and Megan began to look a little...different.

Sara had met a few new friends who were a bit more trim, so she decided to lose a few pounds. Within 3 months her strict diet and exercise routine brought her down 10 pounds. She looked fantastic. In the same time, Megan began to fill out. She didn't change her routine, nor did she necessarily eat more, but she had packed on 20 pounds in 3 months. Freshman 20 she thought and dismissed it. The girls met up at thanksgiving and both they and their family were amazed at the transformations. Not much was said however, and everyone went their seperate ways. The girls had grown apart some, and it felt good. Christmas came and went with little to no change, and then came second semester.

This time, Megan thought she she start to work off that freshman 20 before it became the freshman 30. It took her until summer, nearly 5 months, but she managed to lose 15 pounds, getting her back to 165, near her original weight. Sara, hundreds of miles away, no matter how well she stuck to her diet and exercise, began to gain a remarkable 6 pounds a month...winter weight she thought for the first month, and then two....but at three, four and five and 30 extra pounds she started to get concerned. 180 pounds...bigger than Megan had been at christmas she thought. Summer came, and the girl were preoccupied with work and boys, and very little changed. Megan lost about 5 more pounds and Sara filled out to 190 during the summer break. They spoke, but not about their weight, and would not see each other again until christmas.
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Nok 7 years
Love cool ideas like this.
Karenjenk 7 years
Holy wow!
This is one of the best ever. I love your description with pounds. This is an entirely fresh story.