Sarah looses control of her body

chapter 1

In a seaside town in North Devon, England, lived a young girl called Sarah. Throughout her teens, she was well known in school to be a sort of a slut, who only looked out for herself. Growing up she was blessed with beautiful looks and a body to die for with a stunning curvaceous slim body.

Sarah was also greedy and had a lust for the high life and partying. She was well know to have slept with many people around town, her looks and being popular with her friends meant she got away with it most of the time. As she finished school, without good grades she took up a job in the local Manor house, a place that had a lovely restaurant, and an adjacent pub/bar. She never had an interest in the job, just that with all her flirting she made great tips and lived for the weekend.

She lived in her late grandmothers house by the beach so all she need was some bills so life to her was a dream. She had best friends in Lizzie and Nicola. Lizzie had a long-term partner and Nicola was currently in college studying finance. Both Lizzie and Nicola worked at the manor house, including a young girl called Kate; she was a large girl of 375 lbs. She was always the receiving end of jokes from Sarah who was very cruel to her, Kate being very reserved and low confidence just kept herself distant from Sarah, the loud outspoken girl.

In truth, their were many who didn’t like Sarah, she had broken many relationships, marriages and friendships along the way but Sarah also had many who liked her and found her hilarious, a few close friends who supported her no matter what and in truth most men and women would fall over head over heels as she was set on legs with her curvaceous body.

The manor house was an old building of 400 years old and need work, and so Maria and John a wealthy couple from London purchased the Manor and an investment by the sea, a retirement project. Maria was a large lady, nearly 400lbs and John was a fat man with a large belly who had both over indulged in the high life.

But the couple had a secret, John and Maria were a feeder couple who loved Maria herself being huge, but recently Maria's needed to increase her eating to be bigger. Sure she loved food, being fed and was in love with her curves. Deep down, eating this much wasn’t easy for her. She wasn’t lazy, she loved her exercises, loved working and loved good food, fresh and light not intense heavy rich food. She tried to gain more weight but life just got in the way. She needed to be lazy, constantly stuffing herself and had a taste for high calorie rich food. This was much frustration for the couple,and while in London and there relationship was becoming strained. They decided to have a break in North Devon and to eat at the Manor, at the time they weren’t looking to purchase the manor.

While they were eating, they both saw Sarah in action, since her teens and now 20 years old, Sarah had got a bit curvier, she was by no means fat or overweight, just a small belly, yet most of her slight weight gain went to her boobs and her backside resulting like a body like marlin Monroe. Maria and John stayed in the restaurant, watching Sarah. She was drinking secretly by the bar, eating food with a lust, she just loved to indulge and had an addictive personality which was a lethal combination and really didn't have an off button, She also noticed how mean she was to the other girls, and over heard Sarah calling Kate a lard arse and to work harder fatty while Sarah did nothing!

The couple couldn’t believe the mouth on her, but the highlight was when Sarah look a middle age man around the back, and Maria secretly watched Sarah. Sarah had been flirting with the guy for ages, forgetting about her duties. There she was, bent over blowing the young man. This girl had no self control.

Maria came back, and on the way to John saw the for sale sign and everything clicked in her mind. I have an idea she said seductively to John. Lets buy this place, retire here.
Together blimp up Sarah to our hearts content, we can live our dream again though and young girl who deserves to be punished. She is everything I’m not to be larger that 400lbs. You have seen her, you know this will work.
John was so excited. He really fancied Sarah sine the first time he laid eyes o her, she was stunning and perfect. Now his wife wanted to fatten her up together and without hesitation agreed and soon after they purchased the manor they arrived for their introduction.
So the plan was sorted. and together the couple walked up to the staff office and introduced themselves to the shift manger Chris. After a brief chat they called for a staff meeting.

Hi we are the new owners of the restaurant, I'm John and this is my wife Maria.
We will be staying here an overlooking our new adventure in hospitality. If successful we will share the benefits with you. Please don't feel threatened we are here to help. You have all done a marvellous job hence the reason we picked this restaurant so I’m sure we will be successful. There will be free staff drinks Wednesday and Sundays. Staff will be able to eat what they want and eat leftovers if they so deem wish too. We believe happy people sell so being financially better and happier makes sense.

Everyone was stunned but felt surprisingly relaxed. They all went back to their jobs and started to gossip. Sarah being herself was straight in with the main gossip.

How big was she!! Between her and Kate there won't be any food let alone leftovers! But John seems cute. A man with wealth and power does it for me!

He’s in his late fifties, bald and has a huge potbelly. No amount of anything would do that for me' said Lizzie.

I'm not sure, I could show him a few things that his lard of his wife would dream of, said Sarah while holding her huge breasts.

Maria if anything felt so excited about the situation, maybe more than John. She felt extremely turned on. John though did feel like it was like Christmas. Sarah was beautiful and had a crazy voluptuous body. Fattening her was his dream come to true and he was also relieved that his relationship with Maria was back on track. They was the passion they longed for.

So the first week started and the first staff drinks began. But unusually Sarah seemed already slightly rounder. All the free meals had started a slight 4 pound weight gain. Sarah was greedy and instead of ordering sandwiches salads like the rest of the staff she would order steaks covered in blue cheese, pizza, Sunday lunches and all day breakfast.

As soon as she finished her free drink she felt and overwhelming urge in belly to eat. She loved the rich expensive food and slowly she was loosing control to retrain herself. Keeping an eye on weight was never on her mind, just money and the weekend partying having fun!

At the staff meeting, Maria had set out a buffet table covered with a huge amount of food Sarah couldn’t resist. Maria was starting to study Sarah, knowing how to fatten her up by knowing her better that Sarah knew herself. The first piece of food went in and oh my it felt incredible! It was like a mini orgasm. She quickly filled her plate and started devouring everything she could but wasn't getting full. Weeks of over eating had expanded her stomach and the sensation of eating rich food was incredible, the greasier the food the better it tasted.

Wow Sarah u only had lunch like 2hrs ago. Your eating like you been in captivity for years, said Lizzie.

It's all so good. Don't worry will work it off. Just one of those hangover days you know, Sarah replied defensively.

Maria and John couldn't believe their eyes, she had eaten four plates of food and 7 pints of beer. She couldn’t resist free food and the greedy personality was too strong. After the staff drinks they went upstairs and had amazing sex, the passion returning between them. The whole situation and turned both them on. They felt more connected some how, like he was appreciating what his wife was doing for him. Both very satisfied they feel asleep in each other arms.

Soon the next phase started, she now knew the food and weaknesses of Sarah.

Sarah, you seem like someone who know high quality, I’m invited a top London chef to redevelop our menu. The will be lost of food and drinks. I want you to head this please, Maria asked.
I’m in, you appreciate talent when you see, Sarah grinned.

Oh yes, you are definitely the one, Maria smirked.

Sarah arrived for the menu night, the was so much food and wine. The chef as most men around Sarah was memorised by her beauty. She wore a very revealing dress, her breasts on display and short skirt. He introduced himself by kissing her hand.

Enchantté mademoiselle.

Sarah looked up, looked at him. He clearly was rich, was similar to John with a pot belly in his mid fifties.

Champagne was poured and courses and courses of food were presented. Wine was flowing quickly. Sarah lapping up the occasion, instead of sampling just ate each plate clean. She had distant herself with the kitchen staff that she knew, at the moment Maria, John, there friends and the French chef was all she wanted to know.

Maria and John couldn’t believe the food she was consuming, she also looked drunk and at this point was eating out of the chefs hands. After every course had bee tasted and eaten , Sarah looked bloated and full.

More Wine Mon coeur? The chef asked.
Oh yea my French king, she said seductively.

Now the manor kitchen staff were watching her.

She barely acknowledged us, Dan a manor chef asked, a large rugby played who really fancied Sarah.

Are you surprised, food, booze and people with money. £10 she sleeps with him.

Dan looking frustrated, I mean that’s obvious, it’s Sarah.

Sarah was uncomfortable full, yet to her surprise dessert soon followed out.

Oh no, I couldn’t, Sarah protested.

The chef, Maria and John soon convinced Sarah by looking crossound disappointed.
Sarah didn’t want to disappoint. She was the focus of the party, where she loved to be.

OK, I’ll try few.

These delicious pastries came out, Sarah being fed by the chef seductively bit into it. Is was so light and sweet.
Some how she found room in her tummy and she tried every pastry.

At this point John and Maria had seen enough and wanted to go have sex, the sight of a stuffed Sarah bursting out of her clothes was too much for them. The kitchen staff had gone and it was only the chef and a very drunk Sarah.

Hick*, I’m so fully. Your such good chef, Sarah said with hiccups.

At this point it was 2am, its was a very expensive taxi home as she was to drunk to drive. Normally she would have a lift of whoever was on shift but the kitchen staff she refused to acknowledge had gone, but now plan B needed to happen.

She looked him up and down, hick*

May I interest you with some expensive whisky in my room , he asked.

Why not, i've done worse she thought to herself and with that Sarah drunkenly went to his room

As soon the whisky was poured, she downed it, she was tired and sleepy and needed this horny guy done with.

She ripped her top off exposing her huge breasts, she downed her knickers and lay on the bed. It felt so go to be out of the very tight clothes.
Burrrppppp.... Sarah belched.

Ohh thats better, feeling less stuffed.

She was too tired and full to mess about, come here my king, she said with little effort.

He started kissing her then she stopped him.

Are you married? Sarah asked.

Yes, but she lives in Paris. She will never know as her carried on kissing her.

That’s far enough, I have enough wife’s on my case at the moment. Like its my fault they want to fuck me all the time.

Now fuck me big boy! Sarah demanded.

The first month went past and Sarah was about to get ready for a night out with her friends. Lizzie was self-conscious about her body and was always worried about getting ready with Sarah and NIcola. She was older than Sarah and had three children with her long-term boyfriend and recent fiancée. She was currently 185 lbs and Nicola on the other was always slight chubby but at 167lbs was happy.

Door bell rang and Lizzies fiancée mat opened the door. He hadn't see Sarah for a few weeks and when he opened the door he was gob smacked. Her bum was as curvy as Kim Kardashian at her heaviest, her boobs were enormous but to his shock she had a lot more junk on her body and nice belly had developed. Being a boob man he had an instant election. Sarah seen this and brushed against him.

Hi Matt,she said seductively.

While there were getting ready both her friends were slightly shocked. She looked bigger than Nicola but we're reluctant to say anything to short tempered Sarah. But Sarah caught them staring and caught in the moment lizzie blurted out .

Wow Sarah looked at your tits! ! they are huge!

I know the men are falling over for me, they cant get enough! Even caught your other half checking me out.
Lizzie looked frustrated but trusted her partner and forgot about it. It was the normal Sarah. It helped that the fact her and Nicola had a slight giggle that Sarah was oblivious to that fact that she was getting fatter. They both knew since school that her metabolism will slow one day and catch up with her, they just didn't know by how much.

Lizzie please help me with my dress I cant do it up. My tits are so big. I'm lucky all this food I've eaten is going straight to my tits. I must be the lucky one out of us.

Urgh this size 12 won't go, Sarah said.
Here wear my red dress that doesn't fit me it's sexy and gorgeous. It's a 14 though and haven’t worn in since before my pregnancies.

Well ok if you can't get in it.

You sure this is a 14 lizzie? Looks small, Sarah said confused .

Oh sorry 12 (was definitely a 14) not wanting to upset Sarah.

It looked like she was about to burst out of it. Her dress was just about hiding her nipples. You could see her bum cheeks slightly and her love handles and belly was well defined.

You looked incredible. Nicola and lizzie said.

You sure? Sarah asked.

Amazing, so sexy. I wish I had your figure, she replied.

Ok let's do this girls, Sarah said with her confidence restored.

And with that they went to town.
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