Short weight gain story

chapter 1

She was the real live Barbie, long blond hair, thin long legs, nice perfect hips, flat stomach, full lips, strong cheek bones, big sexy blue yes, perfect tanned skin... I remember everbody in campus either wanted to be her or wanted to date her, such a dream come true. I was a junior in college when she started as a young a beautiful freshman. For us, it was such a dream to see such a beauty walking around campus... but soon things started to change.
My uni has always been famous for its parties and sadly for many people, but fenomenal for me, also for getting their ladies fat quick. Most girls who come here are used to their perfect lives where someone is always cooking for them the perfect balanced mediterranean diet, only having to worry about studying, getting tan and their nails done, but when they come here to study; they have to face a different reality. Now their are free to do what they want, cook for themselves, go to parties, go to the gym and also study, all in less time than ever before, and its usually pretty soon that they realize that its almost impossible for them to keep up with all that, and they star to fall into bad habits. Too much cheep beer at parties, take away for breakfast, lunch and dinner, too much starbucks, snacks here and there and no gym time at all. Usually in less than 3 months you can start seeing their waist lines expanding. As much as many guys didnt wanted her to be one of them, it took her less than a month to give up on her old healthy life style and adopt the fat college student way of life.
the first time I noticed this was after the first month of classes. There was a party at one of the fraternities in campus, all the hot chicks wore white to show how pure they were. Almost everybody in campus went, and more guys than usually since it was known that she was going to attend. I dont remember much of the night, but what I do remember is seeing her chugging in beer and how her dress started to get tight around her bloated belly. I also remember her next to a table with more than 6 empty beer cans that she had drunk. That night I could already picture her growing a nice soft belly, having a big ass, eating...
After an other month of intense partying people started to make comments, she already looked like she could have gained 5 o 6 pounds and all in her gut. Her little beer belly made her look even hotter to me, specially cause she still would wear her "hot barbie" clothes, what showed easier that her body was growing, even if it was just a little.
By January she had probably gained about 20 pounds, all in her belly. Know she would chug in 10 beers in one night party, eat mostly cheap take aways and never go to the gym. Barbie as we called her in campus was getting round, she was at the point when there were still people who found her hot, but most guys had already fell out of love with her, and the main reason was her soft belly that now folded into a not too big roll. Her shirts were tight and when she sat her belly rested on her lap. Her face was also rounder, making her image piggier than before. She still wore her old jeans that still fitted her legs but were way too tight around her waist and belly, squishing out her love handles and her pot.
After Xmas it all went down the hill for her, and her weight gain started to be impossible to ignore. Her gut had kept getting bigger, but also her thighs and ass had grown quite a bit. The pounds started to add in month after month, her belly started to hand, fat rolls on her back started to show, her boobs were about to give up, her ass now had cellulite and was wider than ever, her legs rubbed as she walked and her knees were wide... her body had gotten to the point of no way back in less that 10 months.
If you dont trust me, trust the picture. Barbie got fat.
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