Soon to be a santa

chapter 1

How I grew into the role of both a BHM and soon to be a FAT Santa is an interesting but albeit not so complicated tale of romance and food; overindulgence.
I had broken up with my previous girlfriend (no big surprise there- most stories start out that way) who introduced me to weight gain outside my own fantasy world. She was a voluptuous size 12 with a 36" bust and cute little belly. I'd suggested that we fatten her up, after all, I like a soft woman. She however, suggest that I spend the weekend eating to see how I'd like being fat. Needless to say, I agreed and she made sure I was stuffed; eating every two hours. I had a sexual tyrannosaurus that was being engorged by food and her constant attention. But alas, I digress as this is not a recount of my first feeder encounter. Not to leave the reader in limbo, What was to last a weekend became several months of gaining until her infidelity caught up with her and we broke up; in in theatrics and me 80 pounds heavier.
I continued to overeat on my own all the while searching for another female feeder and these special ladies are far and few between. As time passed I began to invest more time in those on-line dating sites with real counselors who disgust "you ideal" other. A few weren't open to my ideas but one was and she did her best to place me.
I met Stephanie as the fourth match by the dating service. We hit it off over the phone and agreed upon date after the second call (calls were required as part of the screening process). I knew by now she was into big guys; it was about half-way through the first call when she asked how much I weighed: about 280. Her immediate response was that I needed to add at least 60 pounds to meet her standards; WOW!
We meet up at a local seafood chain restaurant and hit it off right away. While ordering, she let it slip (on purpose) that I needed to gain some weight and the waitress should bring us a couple of the artichoke cheese dips with bread. Steph, shot a sly smirk directly at me. What else could I do but agree. With the arrival of "fat appetizers", it was time to order. Steph ordered the Mediterranean salad and the Pasta Alfredo. I ordered the Admiral's feast; huge. Typical chit chat and some rather flirtatious body language ensued. Dinner arrived and like most dinner dates the conversation ceased. I polished off my plate as Steph slide the Alfredo over, insisting I eat. Sensing the near completion of our meal the waitress appeared and asked about desert. I with my mouth full was in no position to order thus Steph order more Alfredo and bread pudding; reminding the waitress I was gaining weight. The couple in the next booth almost choked. I finished the first Alfredo as the second arrived; struggling to finish, Steph whispered in my ear the motivation I needed. The Bread pudding arrived as I was unbuttoning my pants. Knowing I was stuffed, Steph slide in next to me and began to feed me the largest bread pudding I have ever see; 12x12x 6 inches and covered in ice cream. I was in heaven and agony the entire time. She had to waddle me to the car. Of course the date didn't end there, it continued with drinks and more food until we ended up at her place; me stuffed to bursting and both of us excited beyond belief. From that point on we were either at work or inseparable.
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Tommmy 8 years
Yes yes please continue I want to find out how fat thisSanta in training is going to get !