Story of a girl

Chapter 1 - a day for one

A young girl. An attractive girl. About 5'4. Big almond eyes, a perfect pear shaped body with a large firm behind and a decent bosom.

She wasn't all that to put it in a way. She was kind. A sweetheart. Didn't care much for attention, but always received it. Loved adventure, getting outside and enjoying the cool or warm breeze, whatever the weather brought. The comfort of her home, or the cool air-conditioned mall. She had few friends, but ones that were close and who were almost always together.

And it was nearly time for her holiday. She couldn't wait. It had been so long since she'd gotten to go somewhere. Somewhere away from her home. As much as she loved where she lived, she also hated it. Her eagerness for adventure preceded her and she always needed to move around. Ever since being young she'd moved home 6 times from flats to apartments, even a share home with another family and rather than go to college, she wanted to travel.

Her gap year was going to be amazing. A year to fulfill her ambitions. A working girl with money that had built up from working so many part-time jobs, usually 2 or more at a time. She cared little for education but her activity always kept her on the go. And the first stop for her holiday? Asia. Vietnam to be specific.

She finally arrived. Alone. Finally. Free to do as she pleased. The first thing for her to do was catch a taxi to the booked hotel. She was sure there was a chauffeur planned as she'd booked it through a holiday planner. Eventually she found him. A short Caucasian man. Not what she was expecting, but nevertheless it was her ride. She hopped in the cab and to her surprise, there was some food. She graciously ate it, a few chocolates and a muffin as she was starving from the flight. Never had the guts for plane food. He pulled up as they arrived at her hotel and she hopped out her cab only to realize how cold it actually was. She got her backpack and quickly attacked her suitcase as soon as he took it out of the boot of his car for her jacket and made her way up.

Room 345, here it is. She opens the door and lunges at the window to close it, grabs the remote for the heating and turns it on. Someone had left the window open.

Checking the time she realized it was awful late, late dinner, almost supper time in fact. She hunted through her bag for some snacks she had brought and munched them while watching some TV, another muffin, another day. As she browsed through the channels she forgot the language wasn't English but came across an american movie. Ah, something I can understand. As she watched it she happily fell asleep, jet lagged from the flight. She had an early day tomorrow.

Waking up she noticed that it was snowing. Snowing! She jumped up and out of bed, changed out of her pajamas, and put on some big warm woolly clothes.
She ran to her door and quickly grabbed at it and nearly snapped it off in her excitement, but soon noticed that she needed her room card to actually exit. Walking over to the dresser she looked for the card, swearing at herself knowing she'd left it right there, but it wasn't. The hunt for her key card continued on for nearly half an hour before she gave up.

Calling up room service she asked for another card to be sent up and they said they would have one ready by the next day.
No snow today. No outside today. She'd left her home and now she's trapped in a hotel room for a day.
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