Susan the gainer

chapter 1

- Heading to the gym! See ya in a couple hours! - Tom said as he left the house
Susan was still in bed, already reading some post on her most visited site on the internet "". She used to be a chubby kid until she was 12, when her mum started getting her to excersice a lot and eat super healthy in order to get thin. She managed to stay skinny and pretty firm all through high school, when she met Tom.
Susan was gorgeous, her lips were full and here eyes big and blue, all framed in a beautiful heart shaped face. She was not too tall, neither short, just average, but she was so pretty she would catch anybodys sight. Tom was perfect for her, they made the perfect couple. He was tall and handsome. He has that perfect face with a sharp jaw line. His eyes were deep blue and his hair was black. He was tall and muscular, he really tried to stay in shape, always going to the gym and running for at least an hour a day and always eating the healthiest he could.
They had started dating when Susan was 16 and for the past 6 years they had been together , living the perfect couple life. It is important to say that right after hs Susan stopped working out since she no longer had to try hard for any team, and she started putting on some weight. As soon as that happened, her mum started pinching her body and saying things like "you better watch what you eat, you dont wanna loose such a man.." or "Too many doughnuts will make you look like a muffin". Those comments and having Tom always telling her that she was gainning made her self conscious and lead her to following many diets to saty skinny, but now, 22 year old Susan was just too tired of it...
After Tom headed to the gym, Susan went down the stairs and into the kitchen. She opened the fridge just to find a lot of fruit and vegies, not the kind of food she was actually craving. For some reason, today she was not feeling high on motivation to have some chia seed for breakfast. She heated some milk and added some coffee. She then turned on the TV and sat on the couch.
Her mouth started watering just thinking about it. She then left her glass on the table and stant up. Ran upstairs and changes into some yoga pants. Took the car keys and left the house.
"One day will do now harm... after all, is just a couple calories." She said to herself while driving so she would not freak out about it.
She finally got to DD. As soon as she opened the door, a delicious smell invided her. CHOCOLATE... CINNAMON .... UMM
She got to the counter.
"What can I do for you miss?" The teenage girl said to her.
"Umm... I wanna try those new muffins..."
"Oh yeah, there are 4 different ones, chocolate, oreo, while chocolate and red velvet"
'Ohhh... they all sound so good... I think I am oing to go with the red velvet.." Susan said
"Is that it for you mam?" The girl asked
"Actually... I am going to go with white chocolate too"
"Okay perfect, anything to drink with it? I would recommend the oreo shake... it is the most ordered and it tastes s good..."
"You know.... I am going to get that one..."
"Okay it will be 4 dollars 25 cents"
Susan waited for a couple of minutes and then headed to the car with the brown paper bag on her hand. She sat on the car and opened the bag. The smell came out of the bag... so good...
She took first a couple drinks out of the shake.
"OMG this is so goood, I had not tasted this in yearsss" She thought as she short of moaned in pleasure.
She then took the first muffin out and started eating, she started slow, but with that feeling of pleasure she was getting from eating, she started to speed up and in just a couple minutes she had eaten both muffins and was almost done with her drink.
She then looked down to look at her belly, already a little bloated from the shake. She sat there in the car for a good ten minutes, just thinking about food and how she had spent most of her life just dieting. "I could do a cheat day and just enjoy myself a little today..." She told herself. She was determined to get all the pleasure she had not had in years in just one day. So she started driving, just around to see places and decide were to go next... The McD caught her attention right away. This time she was too exited to wait in line and order, she just went to the drive thru and ordered.
"Hi, could a get 2 breakfast muffins and a vanilla shake... and some french fries too?"
As soon as the lady handed her her bag of food she placed them of her tights and started getting food out.
Over the morning she went to 5 different places and stuffed her mouth with the most greasy food she had ever eaten, making her belly look 3 sizes bigger. She was out of breath from eating and the pain in her stomach was making it hard for her to drive, so she drove her self home and rapidly run upstairs before Tom could see her, she then laid in bed and put the blankets over her.
"Hello honey... why did you run upstairs so quick? I was trying to say hi and you disappeared?" Tom asked as he entered in the room
"Oh sorry... I am feeling sick and I just wanted to lay down and rest" Susan said
"Oh really? I will make a kale smoothie for you so you can get better... You know kale is a super food? It will give you so many vitamins you will feel find right away.."
Even though her stomach was in pain, all Susan could think of was "Uggg kale... I would better enjoy some sweets..."
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