Chapter 1 - discovery

Micheal was searching through his usual Feedee websites. Reading some of the blogs and stories. Checking out pictures of beautiful BBWs, especially the ones with big round soft bellies. He loved to see comparison shots of how big a girl had gotten, straining buttons and especially a girl stuffing her face until she can't move. But tonight he stumbled upon a different story, one that tantalizing his being. He read...

"I love to see a man's flat stomach begin to bulge and become round. Each day I would fill his gut with yummy fattening treats until he was full, then the fun would begin. As I tie him up and begin to force feed his poor swollen belly, he'd realize how powerless he'd become, how fat he was going to get."

Micheal couldn't believe how aroused he was. He had fantasized for years about fattening someone, he had just never considered doing it to himself. He got up from the computer and went over to the mirror. Micheal removed his shirt and had a hard look. He had an athletic build, not extremely muscular but not skin and bone at 6'2" and 160 pounds. As he looked at himself he imagined his body changing. Then he started to think about all those things he saw his favorite feedees do, eating, stuffing, funneling, gorging on fatty snacks all day long. He figured the best place to start would be the fridge. Micheal just started grabbing everything he could, left over spaghetti, hot dogs, instant mashed potato ice cream, cookies, snack cakes and while doing all of this he ordered a pizza be delivered. Micheal sets up his smorgasbord of food on the coffee table in front of the couch, the doorbell rings, pizza right on time. He sits. The stuffing is mindless at first, bite after bite, sampling everything from his feast. The pizza is so hot and delicious, everything is so delicious. The gorging begins to slow as Michale breath becomes slower. He's so full but there's still so much food left. He glances over at his computer screen and begins to think about what he read, about all those beautiful feedees and how hard they work stuffing their faces. Micheal gets a second win and picks up a piece of pizza then another and another. He can't believe he's still eating even though he is so full, it's as if he's being driven by some sort of force. Micheal keeps thinking, one more bite, one more bite, one more bite. His movements are are slowed, he raises his arm as if it weighs a ton, slowly to his lips, another bite. His cheeks are puffed out as he tries to swallow that last bite. His belly is hard and distended as he rubs it and moans. How many times he had seen all those feedees moaning from all that food, he now realized both the pain and ecstasy they were feeling. A new desire had been opened as Micheal had taken fantasy and made it a reality. He passed out rubbing his full belly, thinking about this new sensation he was feeling and how much he liked it.
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Bbman30 4 years
Wow, why hasn’t this continued?!
Aquarius64 6 years
There’s not enough of this story. Two days of stuffing... what’s the effect on his body? What will he be like after a week, a month... a year!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
I have walked that pathway myself!

Excellent look at something many of us have experienced (whether we wish to admit it or not)!