Teasing miss piggy

chapter 1

Teasing Miss Piggy!

Warning: extremely kinky fat teasing humiliation fetish.

So this greedy whale wants some food does she? ;) Look at yourself! Look at all that flab! You're disgracefully obese and you still just want to eat more and grow fatter?!! Hungry for more to fill your shamefully huge overhanging gut are you piggy? Well okay then you bloated cow if that's what you want then maybe it's time you were taught a lesson! You really want more food? You'll get more food alright! Open wide piggy! Let's just stuff you so full of fattening treats that people will stare in horror as you swell up like a big fat human shaped balloon shall we? Give you all you can eat, yes even you porky! And then more, and more, and MORE. Strapped down and forced to eat, eat, eat! A never ending flow of sinfully fattening cuisine to stuff you full to the brim, overfull, until you swear one more bite might just make your stomach explode, a 24/7 overfed sow, so much food you'll swear you can feel yourself getting fatter by the minute as you're wheeled from restaurant to restaurant, buffet to buffet, and made to eat and eat until all the food is gone as everyone stares aghast in morbid fascination at the size of your belly spilling out in front of you, at your huge bloated body slowly but steadily bursting the seams of your clothes as you gorge yourself on dessert after dessert until every last one is gone.

Well?! Is that enough ***ing food for you greedy-guts? Poking your belly makes you burp! Nope, there's still room in there! Off to the next place. Do you like donuts? Four dozen for starters? Doesn't matter how ridiculously full you are, you're going to eat them ALL. Everyone knows you're probably too helplessly *** to resist anyway haha! Greedy gluttons as naughty as you never can say no can they? So why not wash them all down with full cream milkshakes! Just hook you up to the drink machine and pump you up until you can't take any more? Sound good you obscene tub of lard?! Then everyone can watch you blow up with fat until you burst from your clothes, until you're so fat not even your shoes can fit your bloated round feet! What's the matter piggy? Too full? But that's never stopped you before! You've gotten too fat to move? Well no matter then you're not going anywhere till you've eaten every last donut in the store. Aww you're so heavy your chair has collapsed. Damn you're a complete ***ing whale aren't you? Don't think that means this is over! We'll just have to haul you around on a big 1 ton trailer or something. All that obscene fat wobbling unsteadily down the road as you travel to your next awaiting feast. I know! We'll put some mattresses on it, several cause one won't be wide enough before long, maybe soft rubber ones so we can hose you down between feedings. Haha we can do that at a carwash, imagine the looks you'll get! Huge soapy obscene fat rolls as thick as a man's waist glistening in the sun!

Where next? The chocolate factory? Okay and then the ice-cream factory! Think you can eat it all? Well you'd be in no position to refuse now that you're a massive helpless fat blob! You're so ***ing greedy it'll probably only take you a couple of weeks. We'll make you eat yourself so fat and round it'll be a struggle to wiggle your arms. So much blubber! Unable to do anything except watch yourself grow and grow until you're the fattest woman there ever was and ever will be. Swelling up fatter, and fatter, and FATTER until you're nothing but a gigantic horny round butterball. Constantly tempted with so many naughty tasty treats. You can't help it that they taste so good can you? You can't help it that they make you swell up like a balloon! A big horny balloon.

Whimpers and moans muffled by huge handfuls of cake as you feel your enormous bloated body expand by the minute, plumping up, up, up, as your huge overstuffed stomach extracts calories from ungodly amounts of food, forcing them unceremoniously into your fat reserves. So huge and FAT that you'd wonder if you might actually burst whilst your titanic belly digests your next meal, oh dear! Yes indeed you overfed sow, that's far, far too fat for your own good! But even then it's a good bet you'd STILL be hungry, wouldn't you porky? Look at yourself and admit it haha! Guess we'd have to launch food at you somehow from a distance, no way we're risking getting any closer to a girl who's clearly so greedy she'd be in danger of eating so much she could blow any second lol!

That's what happens when you're such a shamelessly naughty greedy glutton! Be careful of the path you're starting down fat girl! That appetite of yours is clearly already out of control! You better put down that box of donuts before it's too late!

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Noarthereonl... 8 years
Thanks lilpig, glad you enjoyed!
Noarthereonl... 9 years
I'm always a little nervous/hesitant when posting stories like this because a lot of people could easily be offended, but thanks for the comments reminding me that other people do find teasing hot.
Noarthereonl... 9 years
Thanks sillystring and bradypig, glad you enjoyed smiley
Bradypig 9 years
My fantasies exactly!!! Great job!