That girl i used to love

chapter 1

I was 9 years old and I was madly in love. Annie, the girl of my dreams, was unlike any other girl I met before during my short life. I met her on a summer camp and for the first time I understood why would any boy wanted to spend time with some girl, rather than playing outside with other guys. From the first time I laid my eye on this cutie, I knew she was everything I needed in life. For days I mustered courage to tell her how I felt about her. Eventually I confessed my love to her and the rest of the camp changed into heaven on Earth. We used to run around the place, living our silly adventures and coming up with crazy schemes. But the time flew way too quickly and the end of the camp was approaching fast. The last day came in a blur and the time came to bid our farewells...

I overlooked her from head to toes. She was short for her age, quite a bit shorter than me, but she stood proudly. Her golden hair was flowing around her, enhancing her beauty to mythical levels. Her face was round with full cheeks, lighted up by never disappearing bright smile. Her small nose was cute as a button and the oceans of her eyes stared right through me, stealing my heart. Two small mounds that were soon to blossom into a pair of womanly breasts were accompanied by a slightest bulge of her adorable belly. Her legs were short, but strong, carrying their owner with her unmistakable grace and charm.
"Promise me. Promise we'll meet right here on this spot the next year."
"I promise."
I brushed a strand of her golden locks from her face, stared into depths of her ocean like eyes and leaned to kiss her on her soft lips, just like I knew it from movies...

I was woken up by something big and wet brushing repeatedly against my face. "Stop licking me Baxter!" I grabbed the head of my golden retriever and pushed it away playfully. Using my sleeve I wiped away the saliva from my face. "Thanks a lot, buddy." He stared at me with tongue sticking from his mouth, happily wagging his tail. I patted his head. "I bet mum is making breakfast right now. Do you know what that means?" Baxter tilted his head in confusion. "It means there is 'food' in the 'kitchen'." His eyes lighted up with understanding and he quickly ran into kitchen. "Works every time." 'I have to get up anyway.' It was the first day of a school, right after moving into a new town, leaving everyone I knew behind. I sighed. 'This day is gonna suck...'

I went to the bathroom and started to brush my teeth, while looking at my reflection in the mirror. I was pretty much your average 17 year old guy. Short brown hair, blue eyes, not especially handsome, but not hideous either. I wasn't skinny nor fat, I wasn't especially muscular, not tall, and not short... you probably get the idea. Eight years have passed and I still couldn't get little Annie out of my head. I sighed. The first and the last time I fell for somebody. 'I wonder what she looks like now... and why she never came back to the camp.' I stretched and yawned. I dropped the clothes I was wearing to the ground and stepped into a shower, letting the stream of warm water to wash away every thought of Annie.
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