The bath we shared

Chapter 1 - the bath we shared

The hot bath is filled with soft bubbles. The only light in the room is from the scented candles intricately placed around the sides of the bath. The smell of roses fills the room, there is a bottle of wine and two glasses next to the bath.

I approach the tub. I feel your eyes upon me, as my wide hips bounce along and my thighs jiggle. I lower myself in slowly, my smooth skin relaxing in the water.

Your robe drops to the cool bathroom tile. I relish your beauty. You pour a generous amount of wine into my glass and place it in my hands. You now get in behind me. "This seems a tighter squeeze every time we bath." You giggle softly, as your long legs squeeze the sides of my squishy frame.

You reach around me and place your hands on my belly and start massaging in circular motions.

You rest your head on my shoulder and give my neck a kiss. I can feel your eyes upon my belly, studying my changing bod. "You're a good little chubby, aren't you?" A question that answers itself.

I feel the breath of those words heating up the back of my neck as I feel your lips brushing against it. You had pushed my long hair over to the left side of my head and it floats now before me. I feel tingly in ways I never have before.

The light of the candles dances about the room, reflecting on the water, the bubbles the mirror, the shiny wall tiles, even the sink faucet. It's like a sparkling sea of stars before me. Again, I feel your lips against the right side of my neck as your hands glide across my soapy belly which is peaking out of the bubbly water. I feel as if I cannot move, that to do so might upset this fragile, wonderful universe before me. I feel at once both comfortable and tense. Dare I even speak and disturb the wonder of all this?

Your legs on each side of my body, your knees are bent, and your thighs are squeezing my love handles just so. I lean back into your caresses, feeling you soft behind me, a bit surprised at how soft you seem, how soft your inner thighs, how soft your middle, but everything is in a swirl in my mind, and I can't think or recall: Didn't you have a firm six-pack or not? My back feels softness there, just a little bit of bulge, probably just how you're sitting, I think to myself. Surely, you aren't getting fat as well!

But I am. And I know it all too well. I feel almost as if I am blowing up right now. Why did I eat all those grilled cheese sandwiches you fixed me earlier. Mmm, they were delicious! But if I keep eating like that, I'm gonna be huge in no time, I think to myself. And I don't want that? Or do I?

My mind blanks out as I feel you take the wineglass from my hand and bring it to my lips, forcing me to drink it down quickly. You place it on the edge of the tub and pour another drink. Your hand grabs a chocolate candy from a small dish near the wine bottle and brings it to my mouth. I feel your fingers, so soft and slender, push the candy into my mouth, and it begins to melt. Dark chocolate, mmm. I moan with pleasure and feel myself shudder a bit, my breast flab swinging a bit with even the slightest movement.

With your left hand massaging my rounded belly and your right hand serving me, feeding me, bringing wine to my lips, you continue to kiss the side of my neck, breathing hard and hot into my right ear. More wine. More chocolate. You drink some wine as well. And eat some of the chocolates, moaning with pleasure. More wine. More chocolate. I lose count of how many glassfuls or how many chocolate hearts I have eaten now. More wine. More chocolate. It is all kind of like an infinite pleasure, like it started at the beginning of time and it will never end. Never.

I feel your legs squeezing me tightly now, sinking into the softness of my flesh. Your fingers ply my belly, pinch it lightly, your finger explores the depth of my belly button, and I hear you moan your approval for what you feel.

And then, I find, all of a sudden, I realize. . . . I am no longer tense. I am like a huge chocolate heart myself -- melting in the heat of your loving care for me. I can't believe these feelings. I don't know what to do. I want you. I want you badly.

But I know what you want just as badly. Your desires are on my lips and heading for my hips.

I am confused, and I tense up a bit at the idea of getting fat for you. But your fingers work their magic, your legs squeeze the tension from me, and I feel myself giving in to the moment as I feel the last chocolate melting down my throat and you bring the last swallow of wine to my lips.

I don't know what to do. The smell of the roses, the taste of the wine and chocolate, your fingers, your thighs, your lips upon my neck nibbling lightly now, the candlelit beauty of this moment. It's all too much! I don't know what you expect of me. I am a in the arms -- between the legs even -- of the most sensuous human I know. And I feel one last wave of tension before my body completely relaxes back into yours.

"I am all yours," I whisper, and the words seem to echo in a joyful sound from the corners of the silent room.

(This story is a role play from years back with a lovely and talented writer. I will certainly give her credit if she wants. She is imaginative and has the soul of a romantic.)
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Thank you so much, Bella, for the encouragement. This is, actually, a scene from a much larger piece of writing I have planned.