The beginning of a friendship *preview*

  By Rcti

Chapter 1 - introduction

Life as an adult man was hard being single. I was never taught to cook so I was forced to eat fast food or microwave food. Although it normally would cause someone like me to gain weight, I was a slow eater and could not force myself to eat any faster. Due to this I was skinny and did not like my body. I had severe hate for my body and it caused a lot of depression. Due to this self hate I realized that I didn't hate my body, I just liked men that I thought I had wanted to be like. I liked men with beer bellies that hung over their belts, tucked into their pants or shirtless men who were chubby in general. As a gay man it is hard to find others like you in person so you are forced to use online dating apps. I had struck out a lot with many men until finally I got a message from an adorable guy named John. I was a little misguided at first because I did not know his age. To my belief he was 30, at most 35 but he sure was adorable.. when we met it was at In&Out Burger.. after a bit of eating and passiveness he invited me back to his house to hangout. I was reluctant but really like him so I agreed. I followed him home after he gave me his address, he had a nice home. As I walked inside his house he locked the door behind me. Suddenly I was a bit nervous and he took me to his room and walked away. When he returned he had ice cream in his hand. John said " I saw you staring at my belly so I knew you either like fat guys like me or you think this is repulsive." He proceeded to shake his gut. You could hear the food and drink sloshing inside of him. I was so aroused. I said " I love chubby guys with a beer belly, you are just about the perfect man to me." John smirked and laughed a bit. "I'm happy you like them because soon you will become one and much more." John said that very maniacally. He was excited because he knew he was stronger than me. Since he was so close, he started to wrestle me to the ground and began to gain control over the situation. Once he had me in a submissive spot I could hear his breaths get harder and deeper. He began nearly panting after gaining control. It turned me on even though I was scared for my life of what his next plans were. He began to get the ice cream and spoon and scooped a huge chunk of chocolate slightly melted ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. As he did that a little bit of the ice cream was dripping off the spoon and he licked it up continuing my intense arousal. Suddenly after that in one quick motion as I was licking my lips he shoved the ice cream in my mouth holding the spoon there until I swallowed and quickly scooped up another with a slosh coming from the container. He again forced more ice cream into my mouth. As I gulped and swallowed I heard his belly growl as it was nearly hovering over my face.
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Gainergayboy124 4 years
Pleace writhing more very much more
Gainergayboy124 4 years
Is amazing wonderfull i love it continue writing
Rcti 4 years
Any questions or comments I’d love feedback.. I plan to have consistent days where I update the story. As well I may update the story again today of feedback is received well.