The big switch

chapter 1: alice

Big John's pizza was an obvious rip-off of papa John's and was located in a small sleepy town. The reaurant served exclusively greasy, doughy masses of oven baked cheese.

Alice was the only one working shop-front and she was slumped over the counter, with both elbows on the counter top and her chubby face in her hands. Alice had grown up in an orphanage and had always found a solace in food and overeating... She had strived to become an actress, and was a very capable one.

In auditions she had always left feeling that she had a good chance to get the part, but it always ended up going to a skinny bimbo with as much acting talent as her right hand. Along with acting she could also sing and stared in several musicals in high school. She had been waiting for her "big break" but overtime she became less focused on her dream and the reality of having to work a job to survive had taken over, and with tag so had cheap food and energy drinks, become part of her diet.

After working at Big John's her body had begun to show it... Alice had always had a slight excess of weight even when she was a girl, it usually collected round her middle but the last couple of months had seen her rear expand quite dramatically making her a little bit more of a pear than an apple... The poloshirt that use to hand down from her small, perky b cups and tuck into her jeans, now clung tight to her round, pregnant looking gut, she had stopped tucking the shirt in because it emphasised where here new gut overhung her tight trousers.

Her new love handles were two sizable rolls that, from the front made her look like she had an hourglass figure. Her new fat ass had caused her to go up 6 sizes and pulled. All of the denim round to the back.

Alice had a pretty face with high cheekbones and chubby cheeks.. Her sharp jawline, used to be one of her most striking features but was now morphing into a double chin... She refused to weigh herself to avoid the depression that the answer would cause but she was definitely getting towards 200 pounds.

Alice had taken the job after looking for somewhere to stay near to audition centres but had ended up having to take a full-time job to pay for the high rent.
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Kexickus 3 years
Adore it!
Big Easy 4 years
PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Come back and continue this story! I'm in love with it smiley
Champ 4 years
Excellent update! Keep going! Love this story!
Blackbean 4 years
The big gain more like, Lexi, Lexi, Lexi, where are the competitive Alice becoming fit parts ?
Pitything 4 years
Maybe in the future Lexi will be owned by some of her former suitors. Alice would sell her body to anyone who was not good enough for the former slim Lexi. Or they found out about lexi and visit her workplace to fat shame her. Or Chris hire Lexi as a lowl
Mahi 4 years
Favorite story out right now
Pitything 5 years
Looking forward to Alice humiliating Lexi and even make her the fat assistant as she becomes famous model. Of course Lexi will be masturbating to it. and both shall live happily ever after
Champ 5 years
Love it!
Pitything 5 years
Very good. Very erotic mind. You get it. Trust me I have very good taste I like how this is going. I tried to write a doppelganger/twin story before.

The fattening of one and the conventional beautiful other. One get humiliation but secretly enjoys it
Pitything 5 years
Nice premise. I would also suggest the fat sister became the model and the model sister became her assistant.

Things slowly take a turn and the new model sister start humiliating the assistant sister but the both enjoy it. The assistant sister find it