The chester brothers

chapter 1

The Chester brothers were all very handsome boys in high school, being tall, well-built and naturally gifted at any sport they put their hand to. They were the smart, handsome jocks who always got the girl; the type of guy other guys wanted to be, and girls wanted to date, kiss, just be smiled at... anything, really!

Ben and Larry were the eldest of the brothers and there was a five year age gap between them and the next brother, Dan; with a further year between Dan and the youngest Chester brother, Harry. All four boys had shone in school and spent their 20s living the highlife, as handsome boys tend to do. They stuck together, owning a family construction business that all the boys naturally fell in to. But, their family were always very keen to get the boys married off before they turned 30, with very good reason.

'Hey Katie, how's things?' asked Kim, bumping in to Dan's new wife whilst out shopping one afternoon. She had always been very nice to Kim, but they were never going to be best friends. However, she had always been friendly enough and helped Kim settle in with the Chester family, since Kim was dating Dan's little brother, Harry.

She seemed flustered and a little tired. 'Oh, Kim, hi,' she said politely, not really in the mood to chat. 'Are you coming to Ben's birthday later? Dan has sent me out to find a present for him.'

'Ha! Snap! Harry asked me the same thing,' Kim chuckled. 'I have no idea what to get. I think I'll just end up getting him a voucher or something.'

'Just get him something he can't eat and you'll be fine - Laura's going mad about the size of the birthday cake they've baked for him. She just knows he's going to use it as an excuse to overeat again.'

Kim had met her boyfriend Harry Chester a couple of years ago and had always known the eldest Chester brothers to be large, heavy fat guys; still good looking, but no less than 400lbs each. Kim had seen pictures of them in high school and at their weddings with Laura and Marie, and had always been shocked to see how athletic and slim they once were. Their wives certainly didn't approve, having married a stud and ended up with a huge fat guy within a couple of years into their marriage.

'Mind, saying that' Katie continued. 'I don't really want Dan overdoing it on the cake either,' she huffed, looking irritated.

'Oh, he's fine!' Kim chimed in, sticking up for Dan. 'He's like my Harry, can eat what he wants without ever gaining any weight, lucky bastard!'

'Ha, that's what I thought as well. But he's over 30 now and already getting a belly on him.'

Kim laughed nervously. 'Are you saying you think it's the Chester boy curse?' scoffed Kim.

No one was ever sure why, but all of the men in the Chester family seemed to gain weight once they hit 30. Was it some kind of genetic trait? Kim had been told about it multiple times since she moved to town and started dated Harry, but she had never paid much attention to it. Dan's thirtieth birthday had been less than 2 months ago, and he had looked fine then.

'Hey, you can laugh all you want, but I wish someone had given me the heads-up before I married in to this family. Dan's gained 35lbs in less than two months. It's disgusting!'

Kim didn't know what to say to her, but she certainly felt more sorry for Dan than she did Katie. Dan was a handsome guy, he could probably gain loads of weight and still have girls after him. 'Yeah, I guess that's quite a lot,' she tried, filling the silence. But, as she made her excuses to leave, she was actually quite excited to see Dan tonight, to see how the weight looked on him.

The boys were running late that night, so Kim had plenty of time to chat with Katie and the other two in-laws at the house before the truck pulled up and the four boys were home for some birthday cake. Kim couldn't help but get butterflies in her stomach every time she saw Harry, he was so damn ruggedly handsome; how on earth had she dropped so lucky? The four boys had stopped off for some fast food on the way home and were just finishing off the last of it as they pulled up. The other girls all tutted when they saw them eating, again.

Just then, Dan climbed out of the truck, filling his face with the remains of his burger. As Kim looked at him, she could see exactly what Katie had been on about. His newly gained weight was startlingly obvious. He had a small pot belly that pressed up against his t shirt and his ass seemed to protrude a little further out behind him as he walked. Not unattractive in the slightest; just an overfed ex-jock look.

The evening passed fairly quietly. The boys overate, as usual, on their mother's cooking and demolished the cake, despite the pleads to go easy from their wives in the background. Harry was just as bad as any of them. They were just naturally, very greedy boys; although some of them couldn't get away with it like Harry still could.
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Well done. What a beautiful story.
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What a beautiful story
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