The ex hottie

chapter 1

She grew up in Greek Town, a small place in southern california. She had always been every guys dream, even when she was in middle school, every guy in her class wanted to go to the balls with her and sit next to her. She had always had a feline look in her face, something that made every guy want her. Maybe it was the shape of her blue eyes, or her small nose and beautiful smile, but something in her made her the prettiest girl ever. Over time she just got better, as time went by and she grew older, she developed a nice hourglass figure, round firm tits, and flat stomach followed by a round plump butt. She was tall, but not too tall, and her body just made her look like a model. For the first years of high school she never really showed much interest in the guys around her, but by her junior year, she met Marco. Marco was a fit blond german looking guy. Really tall, amazing facial structure and nice eyes. He was just any girl's dream. As soon as they met, they knew they were perfect for each other, and it took them about a month to start dating. They were perfect together, just like angelina and brad, the perfect match. Time went by and after college and 7 years dating, they decided it was time to get married and buy a nice house for them to start a family and their life together.
Lucy was working for a audiovisual company in the center of the city, it was a great opotunity for her since the company offered them many acomodations. For example they had free food and snacks all they for them at th eoffice and they could rest whenever they wanted. They belived that having your workers in a comfortable space made them work better and be more creative. Lucy was really strict with her diet and tried to eat a plant based diet in order to have her body as lean as possible. She looked just like when she was in high school, fit and lean. But this year was about to change her life compleatly.
One day Lucy woke up feeling weird, she was not feeling as always, full of energy and ready to start the day. Instead she was feeling weak, not wanting to do anything at all. It took her a nice 20 minutes to get out of bed in order to get ready and head to work. After putting on her high heals and a mini dress she was ready to her to her office. When she arrived she was feeling like crap, really sleepy and weak. One of her coworkers had bought doughnuts for everybody since it was her last day at the office as she was moving to Germany. Lucy entered in the office and founf all the doughnuts placed in a big table right at the entrace. Something inside her made her desire that food. She had not had that kind of food in years, but she was so hungry and craved that food so much at the moment she could not stop her hand from graving one.
"Okay, it's okay, I will just take one, nothing drastic, it will not make me gain weight to enjoy this for once" She thought as she placed the doughnut in her mouth.
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