The fattening reality

chapter 1

As she sat down to a plethora of food set before her, her mouth waters; salivating at each end of her broad grin. Her eyes bulge out of their sockets and her eyebrows rise in unison as she anticipates what is to be done with the table-wide meal welcoming her in.

She anxiously waits to indulge in a feast fit for a football team. The entire length of the table filled with her favorite foods. She is ready to do this, but with hesitancy at first. She reaches for a morsel of food. Then, a hand stops her. It was he! He pulled out of chair next to her and proceeded to place for in front of her. Plate by plate and platter by platter. Words of "eat", "eat", echoing in her ears and reverberating off the walls. Time passes on and each plate is cleaned to the max. In doing so, she feels her pants tightening around her already expanded waist. She proceeds to unbutton her pants for some breathing room, but that hand again stops her. Simultaneously, he nods his head and shakes a finger, saying that she must continue to eat and let the pants unbutton, themselves. She complies and continues to gorge on one generous plate of food after the next. More time passes, and she appears to be enjoying herself. She does not wish to stop. Plates continue to beckon to her, as she happily obliges. Then, it finally happened--the pants unbuttoned themselves and the zipper slid down. His eyes widen like never before as he makes his way to the roundness that has formed before his eyes. He rubs it, with a sinister laugh. Even more time has passed. She finds herself pushing her chair away from the table in order to accommodate the humungous growth that is before her. Realizing how far she is from the table, she struggles to reach for the food, as sweat beads down her face.

She is the one that is smiling now. She burps and then takes a deep breath. She realizes that all the food is gone. What a pity, she thinks. What, no dessert? Boy, is she wrong. He rubs her protrusion again, from left to right and then gets up. Not able to turn around, she calls to him to inquire where he is and what is he doing. He responds by telling her not to worry that he has a surprise for her. As he approaches, he is carrying a tray of an assortment of luscious desserts. Pastries sit in an open white box with the top dangling down. She counts them--six, no wait seven. Next, she sees some brownies, and three pieces of cheesecake topped with cherries and whipped cream.
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