The girl next door

chapter 1

Mary was one of a kind. She had thin and toned legs that followed to a round nice butt. Her stomach was completely flat and her round boobs made her body just perfect.
She had been living alone for only a couple months in this old building in downtown manhattan. She had just moved to New York to study at Parsons University and hopefully become a designer. Working in the fashion industry had always been her dream, she first wanted to be a model, and she could have been one, shw was perfect for the job, but when she turned 17 she started to realize that modeling was not such a great job and that she wanted to do more, and to show her creativity someway. That was how she decided to study fashion design, and since her grades were straight As, it was not hard for her to get into the best university. Coming back to her life in New York, for the first month it was hard for her to live in such a big city, but soon she started to enjoy it.
The building she had moved into was big and really nice, it used to be her dad's apartment when he was a kid, and had been in the family since then, so she didnt have to pay any rent to live there. As I said, it was a big place to live with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a big living room with the kitchen right next to it. She had been trying to find a mate to live with so she would not feel lonely in such a big house, but no one was ready to pay much.
After a couple months living here and with still a couple weeks till the semester starts, Mary was living her best life. Waking up in the morning early to go for a jog in central park, then heading to the grocery store to get some fruit and veggies. Then heading to her apartment and lay around for a bit and finally doing something sun in the evening like going to the cinema or just discovering the city.
It was Monday morning, still 2 weeks till clases start, Mary woke up energized to start the day, she gets out of bed wearing only her underwear, fine white lingerie. She puts a shirt on her firm body, only showing her but and legs now, and heads to the kitchen. She then prepares her morning coffee and ads some milk to it. She then sits on her living room right by the window and enjoys her coffee. A little later she has breakfast. Prepares a toast with some light peanut butter and an other coffee. When she is done with it she changes into her workout clothe, she puts on a pair of running tight shorts that make her round butt look small and nice. She then puts on her sports bra and takes her phone. She is ready to go to central park, so she goes to the door and closes. Decides to take the stairs since its a nice way to start her workout. When she is getting to the first floor she bumps into someone. Who is him?
A tall guy with black hair turns around. His green eyes catches Mary's attention, they are bright. He then smiles. He is handsome, his smile is even brighter that his eyes, perfectly wide and shows kindness from him. He had a firm body, he probably runs too, "maybe he could go and run with me in the morning" thinks Mary while still looking at his green eyes. On the other hand, he is looking at Mary's blue eyes directly looking at him. Her perfectly done pony tail holds her thick blond hair. She is on her sports bra and for a second, he looks at her body. Her petite but firm figure standing right in front of him. After a minute staring one at each other she breaks the silent.
- Oh hi... are you new in the building?
- Umm yeah, actually I am just moving in - He says as he points at the boxes behind her
- That is what it looks like yeah... haha anyway, I am Mary... Nice to meet you
- Nice to meet you, I am Noah - He says as he extends his hand
- Ummm anyway I am going for a run... see you around! - Mary says as she puts her headphones on and walks away.
- Okay see ya! - Noah looks at her as she goes away. His mind is all over the place thinking about her. She is by far the most beautiful human she had ever seen.
He manages to take everything to his apartment and is starting to place all the boxes in when he hears a nock on his still open door.
- I can believe you are going to be my next neighbour haha - Says Mary while checking his butt out.
- Really? How odd haha so you live wight there - He points at the door right in front
-Yeap... So I guess I will see you around quite a lot
- I hope so - She starts walking away to her door while Noah is now checking her but out. " She is almost perfect, she just need some..." He thinks to him self.
He then closes the door when she enters in her flat.
Noah is putting all his stuff in his new home while thinking about Mary and her body. " She is so perfect, her face beautiful and her body is so small... I could really make her the most beautiful women on earth... I only need to... yeah I am totally going to do it. I can not loose this chance. I have to take it, or at least try"
Mary on the other hand has just entered on her shower, she has taking all her clothes of and is right under the water. Her mind is just thinking of what a man she has living next door. How his black hair falls into her face framing those wonderful green eyes...
The following day, Mary woke up just as always, she had breakfast and changed into some leggings and a crop top. She then heads to the park. Noah is checking that she is leaving, he then opens his door and walks to her door. Knocks a couple times in case she doesn't live alone and then runs a cart through the door to open it. She was too busy thinking about Noah to remember to properly close the door. He walks in and checks around. He looks into some draws looking for a second pair of keys. After looking for almost 20 minutes he finally finds them under some papers. He then walks into her bathroom and opens the cabinet. He finds some vitamin C in pills. He throws all the pills into the toilet, " She doesn't need this" He thinks. " This is really what she needs" He says as he takes some pills from his pocket. He then places them all into her Vitamin C bottle and closes the lid. Looks at his watch, it's almost 11 in the morning, she will be back soon he thinks. He then walks put with the keys on his hand and closes the door.
About 5 minutes later Mary comes back, sweaty and ready to take a shower and take her vitamins. As every morning, she does so without knowing that she is not taking any vitamin C, she is taking "xtream gainner" pills. A thousand calories each. She takes two and then heads to her bed to just lay around for a bit and watch some netflix.
As she is walking to her room she hears a knock.
- Who is it?!
- Oh hi it's me Noah...
She opens the door quickly and sees him. Looking trim. His perfect image.
- Oh hi noah.. How are you?
- Good, I am good haha I came to ask you... since you are the only one I know in the building... maybe we could go have a coffee together and chat...
- That actually sound good... This evening? - She asks
-Umm sure, this evening sounds great
Noah is exited about what is about to come, while Mary is thinking about what to wear to their date.
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