The making of riley chapter 11

chapter 1

It was now Sunday morning and it would have been the day Barb was going home but now she was here for good. I got up and had a shower and then got things ready for when Riley and Barb woke up and went to the kitchen to put the coffee on. I had to go into town, it was the end of the month and needed to pay all my suppliers and I wanted to take a look at the car dealer and see what he had in vans. I heard the shower running so I went to see who was up first and they both were showering together so I got their shakes and pastries ready. I took everything into the bedroom and they were done their showers and had their hair wrapped up in a towel ready to eat and drink. I said before you start let's get you both weighed, for almost a week they consumed 5X what they needed to add pounds per day so Barb went first and she weighed 511 pounds and then Riley stepped on the scale and it read 446. Barb had gained 21 pounds and Riley 28 pounds and in just under a week and both had good belly aprons now. They were all happy so I said tonight I'm taking you out to the all you can eat buffet and then Barb said they needed to buy some clothes so they would leave later. I drove into town and after I went to the butcher and fruit market my last stop was Sally's Bakery to pay her for the month. Sally said sit down and have a coffee and we talked and she started with I I never knew you were attracted to larger women and when you first came to town I saw you when you bought the building and opened. I wouldn't dare let you see me because I thought you were good looking and I was on the heavy side and it was a year before I came into the restaurant. I lost 60 pounds that year and I'm still big, no your not and she said I'm down to 185 at 5.6 that's fairly big. I told Sally I was looking for a cook to hire live in and she said the cook at the buffet is a friend of hers and is looking for another job and I said maybe she could call her because we were going there tonight. Sally said I'll call her now she will be there getting ready her name is Ginger and she has no family here and she is single. Sally called and talked with Ginger and she kept looking at me then she said oh you will know him when you see him he's tall and real good looking, his name is Rick. I said Sally I had no idea you thought that way and you know Riley but there is another woman who lives with us, Barb and we all sleep together and Sally said really and then I had to get moving. I went to the dealership and saw nothing so I went home and would look on line. When I got home both Riley and Barb were almost ready so I said do you want something for the drive and they said yes so in the back seat I put 2 dozen pastries and a shake each and they were off. I started to look online for vans and then I came across a site that customized vans and it showed promise so I bookmarked the site. Before long Riley and Barb came home and they wanted to show me what they bought they also brought home pizza's to cook and they bought 4 and again they had eaten all the pastries and drank the shakes. I turned on the oven and joined them in the bedroom and Riley said look at these their called kangaroo hosiery we got them at the maternity store, see how big the belly area is and we got these smock dresses so we would be comfortable when stuffing tonight at the buffet. I went out to the kitchen and put the pizza's in the oven and went back to the bedroom and both were on all fours at the end of the bed waiting to get laid so I stripped down and licked each of their pussy's then fed them my cock alternating between them until I came all over both of their asses. I said I'll get a towel so you can wipe up and they reached around and with their hands wiped up my cum and then licked their hands and fingers and were ready to eat their pizza's. The pizza's were ready so I filled their tanks with 2 shakes each and took them into the bedroom so they could stuff. After we all had an afternoon nap we got up and all of us showered together and I watched as they got dressed. Those kangaroo tights really accented the huge bellies and the two looked as if they were having triplets then the baby blue smocks dresses hid everything, it looked nice the white tights and the baby blue dresses, we all shared a bottle of wine then left for the buffet. When we arrived it wasn't busy yet so we were seated at a booth that had lots of room and I placed a chair at the end of the table and then Ginger came over and said you must be Rick and I introduced her to Riley and Barb. Riley and Barb went up to the buffet and I talked to Ginger and said both were girlfriends and we all lived together and as you can see they are feedee' and want to get larger and I'm into it. I'm looking for a live in cook who could cook to keep them well fed and the pay would be very good and Sally said you were looking to leave here. She said yes and it was because the new owner interfered too much and kept looking for ways to scrimp on quality and that was not her she wanted the customers to enjoy their meals. I then said how does 1,500 a week plus a large room and a restaurant sized kitchen and Ginger said when did I need her and said when can you start. Both Riley and Barb came back with trays full of food and I told them I just hired Ginger and she could start in a week, Ginger said she needed the time to move out of her room she rented and she paid by the week but needed to find some storage and I told her I would get a van and help her move Monday and she could store her stuff in my downstairs. Ginger said great she would give her notice tonight at closing and left. The rest of our time there I was making repeated trips to the buffet filling plates for Riley and Barb and as I got the bill I asked the server to ask if Ginger could come by the table and she did. I asked her what her address was and her phone number and would call in the morning. That night at home I told Barb and Riley that with Ginger doing all the cooking it would leave me the time to feed them and have sex when ever they wanted. We all went to bed and had sex until the early hours and went to sleep. The next morning I showered and put coffee on and phoned Ginger and asked her if she needed any boxes because I had some and she did so when I hung up I fixed them their pastries and shakes and took them in the room then left. I drove over to pick up the rental van and then headed to Ginger's place to get her moved. Ginger said she really didn't have a lot and it didn't take long before we were on our way back to the house and on the way I said she had complete control of the kitchen and I had accounts at the dairy, butcher, fruit market and Sally's Bakery and deliveries were Wednesday and Saturday for all of them. We got to the house and I said let me show you where your room is and showed her the extra bedroom with huge on suite bathroom, whirlpool, shower and all the closet space more than what anyone needed and a king size bed and tv, Ginger was floored by it all. I moved all her boxes in and then took her to the kitchen and she said it was fantastic she was going to love cooking in it and then Riley and Barb came out in their bath robes and gave Ginger a hug. Riley said I hope your not offended with nudity because we tend to walk around naked and Ginger said no way it was all fine. Ginger got right to work in the kitchen getting things ready and I told her the only recipe she had to follow was the shake recipe and had it all printed out for her. She said wow a whole chocolate cake and a pound of butter in each shake how many calories was that and I said each shake was 9000 calories and they each drink two at a time from these holding tanks and a tube in their mouth. I noticed Riley and Barb eying Ginger up and down she was about 5.6 and maybe 185 and had a fair muffin top with long Strawberry Blond hair, she did look good. That night after I stuffed them beyond normal I said I saw the two of you eying Ginger what was that about and and they giggled oh nothing which meant they had something on their minds.
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Theswordsman 4 years
I wonder if riley won the lottery before opening the restaurant because he is going through a lot of money