The mum

Chapter 1 - meeting the mum

James and Lidia had been dating for almost a year but James had not met lidia's family yet and today was the day. James was in love with Lidia, she was sweet, smart, and really pretty. Her body was perfect, flat stomach, toned legs, perfect round booty and nice sized boobs. James had always felt like he was the luckiest man on earth.
After 6 hours driving back to Louisiana to where Lidia grew up. The house was huge, with a big yard and a nice entrance. They got of the car, James was beyond nervous, A tall fit man came out the front door, wearing a nice shirt and elegant pants. Lidia ran into his arms, it was her dad. James shacked hands with him.
"so you are the wonderful man who has been taking care of my daughter uh..." The dad said "Don't worry, you seem a nice man, we will get along just well hahaha"
"Dad please stop haha where is mum?" Lidia said
"Oh she is on her way"
It was then when her mum finally came out the door. She was a big woman, not just big, fat. Really fat. She was probably 600 pounds. Her belly extended further pass her tights, almost to her knees. Many fat rolls everywhere distracted James as he was shocked by her look.
"Oh my dear... you look amazing still" Maria, Lidia's mum, said as she hugged her.
'Oh mum I have missed you so much.."
"And you must be her man... and what a man...." She said insinuating he was hot
"Yes mum this is James"
"Nice to meet you James, come on in, I have prepared some food for you"
They followed her in. She walk super slow, but Lidia didn't seem to care about. James stopped in the middle of the hallway. A couple of pictures hanged on the wall. Lidia's dad, Carlo, stopped.
"Look this is me and Maria on the day of our wedding... 30 years ago already.." Carlo started
"NIce..." James was shocked looking at that picture. Carlo looked just the same as the day of her wedding, but Maria on the other hand didn't even look like the same person. With a model like body, long legs, tiny waist and a tight dress, she looked like a copy of her daughter.
"Look this is a picture from the day Lidia was born" Carlo pointed at an other picture.
James looked at it. Maria still looked quite small, I mean, she had just had a baby, but her arms and legs were tiny. Just her belly looked a little bigger.
"And this one was from Lidia's 4th bday" Carlo explained
It was shocking to look at that picture, Maria looked 400 pounds bigger. In such a short period of time... Just crazy.
That night, James asked Lidia about it.
" What happened to your mum?" He asked " I mean, I saw the pictures... she used to be really skinny"
"Yeah, I guess she loves food way too much"
She didn't gave it much importance, like it was just fine.
"But don't worry, I don't have such and appetite" She laughed
James could not stop thinking about it, was his petite perfect wife going to get fat..?
Over the following days James had the opportunity to meet many members of Lidia's family. He noticed that most of the women were fat, only the teens were skinny, and Lidia was not a teenage, she was 24 years old. One of her cousins, Nadia, who was 27 was already 400 pounds. James could not stop focusing on their bellies, how big they were, was her wife going to grow into that?

A year went by and Lidia looked just the same, James had already forgotten about the topic and he has asked Lidia to marry him. She had said yes and they were now just a couple weeks from getting married. On their wedding day Lidia wore her mum's wedding dress. It fitted her like a glove. She looked amazing, her toned body looked even better into that tight dress. James felt the luckiest on that day, as he saw her coming to him waiting on the altar. At that moment, he could not imagine the changes his tiny wife was going to go throw over the next year... But they were tight for eternity, in the end, their love was beyond the looks.
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GummieTummy 5 years
I hope this continues with Lydia far surpassing her mum’s weight! Will James be okay with that? Lydia hadn’t been forthcoming before they married. This is a recipe for some wonderful marital tension!
DamnGood27 5 years
Please continue, it's really intersting!