The princess and the dwarf 2

chapter 7

Nights he would pull up gasping, often to find her already starting a campfire and preparing their meal. One evening after a particularly grueling section of the forest trail he staggered in and collapsed at the fire with a clank of his gear.

She looked up, greeted him and said with a worried smile "there you are, Finally. I was afraid I was going to have to find you and carry you back. But you're doing better these last few days, I've been watching you. However I'm afraid by continuing this pace your admirable dwarfish physique will diminish and we can't have that. Lean back and get this inside of you for me."

His body aching and weary, his head spinning in tiredness he obeyed and as the bowl slowly emptied he grew sleepier, unaware the bowl had slipped from his nerveless fingers.

The warmth spread inside, relaxing him. He dimly felt her kneeling between his widespread legs and begin unbuckling his sweat stained leather jerkin. "Wha... no..." he drunkenly tried to stop her, but his arms were leaden and helpless. Tiredness and the heavy food carried him away and he knew no more.

Sunlight dreamed through the trees and into his eyes. He blinked, trying to remember where he was. Suddenly be remembered the night before...

He immediately sat up and looked around. Melda was gone and he had been left naked in the woods. Just as he was about to curse the elf he looked closer. He was not naked, but instead had a material around him that was the same name as her tunic, very light and breathable yet warm. His clothes were once again cleaned and folded next to him. As he took this in he heard the leaves tittle and she stepped up to the fire with the makings of yet another meal.

She looked at him and noticed his confusion. "You were quite hot last night and too exhausted to move. I removed your clothing so you would not over heat. Now we are going to get plenty of food in you. We need to keep you in good shape and health to continue this journey" Remembering what it was like to remove his clothing, the tips of her pointed ears turned red and she quickly turned away.

He saw her embarrassment and was touched. "Thank you Melda, I am sorry to have been so weak. You are much more nimble and graceful than I am. However I am especially glad that my naked body did not turn you to stone as I feared it would. You are much too beautiful as you are now, alive and well."

He struggled to an upright position, welcoming her help, the soft fabric unfamiliar to his skin as it slid over his somewhat diminished bulk. He noticed her eyes watching him with a concern he hadn't noticed before...he wondered, was that affection for him he saw? And if so was he falling for this beautiful creature of another race? He knew in his heart the answer was yes, and a wave of guilt and embarrassment rushed through him, warming his face as he looked away trying to regain his composure.

He realized he wanted to posses this maiden, to protect her, to take her into his arms and shield her from all the things that did, would or could threaten her. He cursed himself at his stupidity, what madness to dream this magical being could fall in love with a misshapen dwarf as he.

She walked over with the meal and sat down in front of him. But instead of just handing him the plate, she lifted up a bite towards his lips. Flustered, he hesitated a minute and then took the bite. She gave him a few moments to swallow and then have him another. "This way you can just focus on building up your strength" She sat the plate next to him and got up to get him water to drink.

Gamli was in a daze, again losing track of time as the elf maid came and went attending to him as he sat stunned, mesmerized by what he had just seen and felt. Looking down he saw his bowl was once again empty and his stomach hugely round and firm. How much had he eaten? Why was she doing this to him?

Groaning in pleasure he leaned back holding the sides of his now distended abdomen, aroused by her nurturing and the gentle stretching of his belly as he slowly digested.

She returned with her expandable silver cup full of crystal clear water. Something in the cup, juniper berries? Gave it a fresh, delicious tang which sang in his mouth. As he drank he felt her hand warm against the bare, round protruding curve of his belly just bellow his navel.
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FrecherTyp 10 years
a really really georgeous story so much abundance of sweet talk and sexy slight touching and caring with devilish smiles of this sure smart little sexy elve hehe and how i liked this wonderfull desriptions of nature and deep thoughts about feelings

i really love this story it´s special !!!^^