The princess and the dwarf 3

chapter 14

He woke again, some hours later, a sharp pain tearing through his belly., much more than hunger. As he attempted to move, the chains around his body rattled, drawing the foul she-orcs attention. She turned her misshapen face towards him and smiled with a grimace of broken teeth. "Well look at this...the tub of dwarf lard has awoken". She looked towards him, grabbing handfuls of his naked flesh in her hands and squeezing...hard. "I'm tempted to take a juicy bite now, but you will be more delicious cooked." With a croaking laugh she turned away, her filthy, bare breasted body dim in the darkness.

"How do you even exist, orc demon?" Gamli tried his hardest to keep his hunger out of his voice. "I thought your kind was born from contaminated mud and the stench of death."

She turned towards him again, "You think you're the only race to have urges you pig? Our women do not fight, we were once a race just like you. We valued our families, our homes. But our men are violent beings. You were not a true orc unless you killed. So our numbers dwindled and we do what we can to survive. You do not like me? I'm filth to you? I will enjoy your fat meat in my throat dwarf swine!!"

"Forgive my outburst madam orc," Gamli responded humbly, tugging his chains again to reassure himself he was indeed hopelessly immobile and in this creature's power. "Set me free and I will reward you, madam orc, besides...umm...dwarves make poor eating because of our greasy fat flesh....terrible indigestion... terrible."

He shuddered as she pulled up a stool and sat in front of him and grinned exposing her dripping fangs, "Reward? Tell me more my new fat friend, I like rewards," and to his horror felt her slide her clawed fingers up under his hanging sack of belly, squeezing his soft fat high up near where his great belly folded over, her knuckles kneading the tender fold and with equal horror felt himself become aroused.

"Stop, stop, by the gods stop," he begged only to feel himself violated even more as her gurgling cackles echoed in the room.

"Maybe I should give you what you want you fat slug...You have no one. Out in the woods alone. You came crawling out of your ***le because no one there wanted you. No one will touch a fat ugly brute such as you." Her hand found his dwarfhood and painfully gripped and twisted it, making him yell in pain.

Through his passion and the unwanted arousal, his abused mind focused on what the foul thing in front of him had just claimed. 'Alone in the woods.' That meant Melda was safe. The immense relief he felt at that single fact washed over him. But the she-devil drew his attention to the fore once again.

"And maybe after I've had my fun I'll take a bite....Not like you have none to spare, in fact there's quite a lot of you do go around anyways...And I like my meat flavored with pain!"

His mind battered within itself like a caged animal, the sensations this thing created in him incredibly erotic and hideously foul at the same time. He struggled as she squeezed him, prodding the surrounding pubic fat as he grew harder and harder unable to stop himself. Pleasure and intense pain simultaneously, all the while her shrill laughter reverberating in his tortured ears. He tried to divorce himself from his agonies with thoughts of her, his wonderful magical elven maid... yes, she must be safe. Escape my maiden! He shouted in his mind, Fly to safety my love...yes, Love. He knew it now but too late. Why didn't he say what he felt earlier.

His member still firmly in the wretched female's grasp he felt the heavy frame to which he was chained slowly rotate backwards until he was on his back, horizontal, his belly still full from last night's dinner rising upwards in a huge rounded mountain.

"Oh you are so fat, deliciously fat my dwarf swine. Should I take you, soil your ugly dwarf shaft with my sweet tender inner orc lips? Or should I keep you here and fatten you more, tenderize you with orc herbs and spices that will ease my "indigestion" as you falsely suggest."

She stroked him, squeezing as she prodded his round belly and dwarf breasts with her dirty fingers. "Yes, maybe both...and all the while with your cries you can tell me about that reward you promised."
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