The princess and the dwarf 8

chapter 42

Gamli awoke to find his arms again empty. Dressing quickly he followed the voices he heard to find a group of odd individuals gathered around the smouldering remains of a morning fire. Melda held a dish of food out towards him. "I saved you a plate and let you sleep. You're going to need your strength."

As he ate the food, he barely tasted it as he listened to the final plans. They were soon going to get into position where it would be a long wait until Radagast have the signal to attack. After that he knew he would just have to focus on keeping up and protecting his beloved.

Gamli nodded as they finished the "high command" meeting, already having committed his route and role to memory. He watched Beorn give last commands to the giant eagles who bowed, flapped their huge wings and lifted into the darkening sky, sending clouds of dust and forest debris as they spiraled up into the swirling gloom, dark though it was yet early morning.

Radagast beckoned them over, surrounded by a pack of huge snarling wolves, saliva dripping from their gleaming fangs. One of the largest snapped at Melda before she gave a sharp command to the animal which immediately stopped and gave the elven maiden a courtly bow of apology.

Gamli put down his axe and stepped back behind his elf, not taking his eyes off the animal as Radagast resumed his final directions to the pack. They were ready, more than ready. Gamli was beginning to think they just might succeed.

The volunteer army had already started out, wave after wave coming in from the surrounding forest, sweeping up to the base of the towering, dark castle. Eagles dove in from high above, streaking across the battlements sending the orc defenders spinning off the crenellated walls.

Gamli and Melda pounded into the great outlying forcourt virtually unopposed, dodging the occasional arrow as they closed on the massive gates towering above them. "Where are the ents?" he shouted over the snarling, growling din of battle. Melda, running smoothly at his side, smiled and pointed to their left. "Fear not my love, they will clear the way for us. Watch."

The words were barely out of her mouth when she grabbed him and hurled him to the ground. He barely recovered before a boulder soared overhead and crashed into the side of the fortress. Huge chunks of stone and mortar rained down around them, missing them by some miracle. She jumped up and tugged on Gamli's arm to get him on his feet. He looked behind them to see Radagast dusting off his cloak and muttering under his breath. The staff in his hand glowed and Gamli realized maybe that the miracle that kept the debris from crushing them wasn't such a miracle after all. In the distance behind Radagast he saw the very forest move as if it were alive. The ents stepped out of the tree line and he saw the second round of boulders in their grips. Gamli was in awe. It was if the very forest was on their side.

Looking ahead he saw that they no longer had to worry about the gates nor was for that matter. Instead there came a battalion of orcs. Like black water out of the flood gates. Meldas eyes danced with an internal flame as she gripped her sword with both hands. She twisted her hands together on the hilt and to Gamli's surprise it came apart with a click, forming two swords instead of just the one. Gamli only had a moment to wonder at the craftsmanship before turning his attention back to the onslaught. He gripped his axe tighter and prepared for a long day.
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Zombit 10 years
Thanks goes to the two of you for writing such an amazing story. I loved every chapter. I just can't describe how much I enjoyed the overall story. I love the action for one! This was beautifully done and is extremely reminiscent of Tolkien. I love your attention to detail and incorporation of such critical characters. I would buy this and add it to my book collection. I look forward to seeing anything the two of you write together. Thanks for keeping this story alive for so long and being so dedicated to it. Bravo!
FrecherTyp 10 years
oh what a wonderful ending hehe :-)

this really was a chubby fairy tale at it´s best ^^
Dragorat 10 years
Excellent story...filled with many delightful things