The provider

chapter 1 - never appropriate

Author's note: I am trying to write this one from a different angle than my other stories. In this case it's a wife that is getting fatter and a meek husband that doesn't like it, but can't seem to ever challenge her. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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"How do I look?", Cora asked as she stepped out of their bedroom.

Will paused trying to find the right words to say. Cora was 36 years old, just 5'4, but weighing nearly 220 pounds. Even if the dress was not too small on her and unflattering on her fat body, it was entirely inappropriate for his employer's Christmas Party.

He started to open his mouth, but stopped himself, still searching for the right response. He looked Cora up and down. She wore a very short red halter dress that was at least 2 sizes too small for her. Her large fat breasts spilled out the halter top. Her belly outline clearly visible and stretching the front, her ass all but hanging out of the back. The dress only came a third of the way down her thighs. She wore black fishnet hose on her thick legs and heels.

Finally Will replied, "Do you think you might get cold in it?"

Cora smiled, "No of course not, we won't be walking around outside. I will only be outside from where we park to your boss' home."

Will, "OK", still trying to think of something else to say, something else to convince Cora to wear something else.

Cora, "Well do you like it or not?"

Will, lying, "I do...I just....I just think that maybe it's too revealing for the party."

Cora, "You are such a prude".

Cora then walked into their kitchen and opened the cookie jar pulling herself out a large snickerdoodle. She continued, "I like this dress. You would have me dressing like a nun." Cora took another bite of the cookie, "I even got a spray tan."

Will knew she did of course, she looked like they had just came back from Hawaii for two weeks. It was winter though, who had a tan in winter? He called back, "Yeah I noticed."

After a couple of minutes Will heard the clicking of her heels on their hardwood floors and Cora walked back into the living room carrying her purse and saying, "You ready to go?". Will knew he would never talk her into changing and followed her out to their car.

An hour later Cora was standing at the food table filling her plate with various hor d'oeuvres while Will stood there nursing a beer. He wasn't half way through his first beer, and Cora had already drank 3.

They stayed at the party for a couple of hours, Will mortified the whole time considering what his fat wife was wearing compared to his thin coworker's wives and their much more tasteful attire. Once he had drank 2 beers and Cora at least 6, they left, Cora practically demanding they run through a drive through on the way home to get her a shake.

When they got home, Cora lay naked next to Will in their bed drinking her shake, her large fat breasts flopped to each side of her, her belly hanging over her waist.
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