The revenge feeding

chapter 1

Sarah was the girl on school that every boy had a crush on. When she walked through the corridors you could almost hear the boys' jaws drop. Her face was heart shaped with two deep brown eyes, but the most attractive part of her was her womanly figure. She was the defenition of hourglass. She had a slim waist, yet wide hips, with soft flesh that covered her whole ass. She knew her ass was adored by all they guys, so she always wore tight jeans and walked with her hips slighty swinging, so her ass wiggled a bit, resulting in the boys almost fainting.

Because of her astonish looks she had a very bitchy character. She could even be sadistical sometimes. Like when a guy named John asked her to go on a date with him.

His heartbeat raised as he saw her standing in the hallway. She was like an angel to him. Not did he know, that the devil was closer than he thought. Eventually he finally had enough courage to walk to her. "Hey Sarah" he said nervously. She turned around. "Hey-" she stopped. "Oh, it's you." She said, looking like she just saw a gross insect. "Hi, I just wanted to say that I know you for some years now and I always felt like... I.. you.. I always found you very beautiful and k-kind and I was wondering.." knowing where this was going, Sarah hid her unamusement and decided to play a little with her easy prey. She started leaning on her right leg and put her hand on her right thigh, adding a huge accent to her curvey body. She then smiled, revealing her perfectly with teeth, saying: "I'd love to go on a date with you". John struggled not to look at her ass and said "great! Where do you want to go?". Playing with her long hair she said "hm... I'd like to go to a nice cafe I know, meet me there at 16:00 tomorrow..." she then wispered in his ear "...babe" and touched his arm with one of her light hands. She left John behind, confused by all the emotions. HE was dating SARAH. she touched him. Filled with love he went home. He didn't sleep well that night. All he could think of was Sarah, how he almost lost control when saw her round ass. He only fantasised of how it would feel.... He'll discover soon enough he thought, grinning in the middle of the night. Next day he arrived at the cafe on 15:00 exactly. And hour too early, but he didn't want to miss this gold moment in his lonely life. The time went slow. After hours it was just 15:30. But eventually it finally was 16:00 and John felt nervous again. Was he dressed stupid? Did he not sit cool enough? What would she think of him? It became 16:15, then 16:30 but he stayed all the time. On 18:00 she finally arrived. She wore white tight shorts and a push up bra. She also wore mascara and was almost intimidating. She walked to john and sat down in the chair, which was filled with soft flesh instantly. "Hi John" she said. She didnt say anything about her being too late, because she knew John wasn't going to tell her. He was too nervous. "Hi Sarah" he responded. Just when she wanted to say something, a waitress arrived "Would you like to drink something?" John ordered a coke, but Sarah responded "I'm on a diet, so I'll like a water" the waitress notated the orders and left. Sarah talked a long time about her being on a sugar free and fat free diet. She also was a vegan. She only ate healthy she said, looking down at John's coke. John felt awkward. Sarah loved it. After she told him more about her only eating vegetables, she told him to go outside. She told him to follow her to an ally. She then pushed him to the wall and kissed him intensly. She put his hands on her big but and grinned as she saw he was getting a boner. When it almost became to much for him, she pushed him on the ground and started screaming "HELP, oh help me please! This pervert is harrasing me!" A musculair man came to the ally and asked what was going on. "He tried to rape me!" She said crying dramatically. "I'll teach him a lesson" the man said. And he kicked the shit out of John. Leaving him bleading in the ally. Sarah left laughing, spanked her but and said "How lucky I am with this!"

The next day John woke up dislocated. What day was it? Where was he? The last thing he remembered was Sarah. The bitch! How could she so this to him. He felt really sad, but sadness soon became anger. He wanted revenge. He thought of how she said she always ate healthy and laughed. "I will make your ass grow just a little more".

The bitch.
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Sorry for my bad English, I hope it's understandabe smiley this is my first story ever