The runner

Chapter 1 - just the begining

Linda grew up in a small town in Montana. Blonde, blue eyes and a perfect diamond shape face made her the most beautiful runner in the team. She had been running for the college team for a couple of years. She was one of the best runners since she had good genetics and had always been running. At age 4 her strict dad decided to sign her in for running, and it came out that she was good at it. She loved to run and tried to do it everyday, not just for the love of it, but also to keep her body healthy, firm and toned. As I said before, she was beyond beautiful. She had some short of natural beauty, she didn't need to wear any make up to look her best and most guys would die to have a chance with her. But a couple weeks ago Linda had started dating Jake from her math class. Jake was a cool guy, not the typical football player cool, like he was nerdy and kind of shy but really cute. He had a nice body and a pretty face. His eyes were brown and so was his hair. He was a really reserved guy as he just had a couple of friends and didn't talk much about himself. In the beginning of their junior year Jake had decided to ask Linda out, but he didn't even think that she was going to say yes. But she did. From the beginning it felt right to be together, after their first date, they both felt like they were meant to be.
It had been a couple weeks since that first date and they had been seeing each other almost every day, eating out together and going into each other's rooms. They just couldn't keep their hands of each other.
That morning Linda had woken up early to go for a quick morning run when she stepped on a rock and fell, her leg hurt a lot, so she managed to stand up after a couple minutes just laying on the floor and went back home. She called Jake, who instantly lest his dorm and went to pick her up and take her to the hospital. After many doctors looked at her leg, they all said that it was broken, so she was going to spend a couple months in bed and going to class as her only effort during the day. Linda was devastated, she was going to miss out all the practice and even races with her running team. Jake was sad, just to see his girl crying over it.
Time flies by and Linda's leg recovered just well, enough to get her into running with practice and more recovery. After a couple months she was able to walk again and after removing her cast, she felt better than ever. Jake had notice that over this period of time Linda had developed short of a pot belly from not exercising but still eating the same way she did. Her abs were now under a layer of soft fat. She was still thin, just not toned. Jake had never seen Linda looking so pretty, he would say that she was glowing with those extra pounds, but Linda would say that he was just blind of love. Jake had discovered that he enjoyed seeing her gaining some weight and he didn't wanted her to change. A week after Linda started walking again, Jake noticed that her pot belly was becoming smaller. She was so obsessed with being fit that there was no way she was going to put an effort to maintain her belly just because Jake thought it was cute.
It was then when Jake started to think about a way to make her gain some weight. Feeding her more was not an option, and giving her fast food wasn't either, she was too focused on her goal and she was totally going to notice, so he decided to try to find help on the internet.
"How to make my girlfriend fat?" He tipped.
Many different things came out, but one really caught his eyes. " Magic fattening powder". It claimed to make anybody gain weight no matter what they eat or how much they work out. IT WAS PERFECT!
The following day Jake woke up extremely early in order to have enough time to go get the powder and then put it on Linda's breakfast before she woke up. He drove for 30 minutes to town and found the store. It looked crappy and as soon as he entered a weird smell hit him in the face. The place had purple lights and a bunch of weird things inside. An old woman came from the back of the room.
"Oh you must be the guy that want to buy the fattening powder aren't you" She asked with a crappy voice
"Yeap... it's me... how much is it?"
"Hold on, not that fast, you need to know a couple of things before you give that to someone..." She was saying as Jake interrupted
"Sorry I am on a hurry and I need to leave as soon as possible, it's okay, I will figure out how they work."
"Okay okay... It's a 100 dollars" She said
"100 bucks?! For this little amount of powder... oh the better work" He said as he hanged her two 50 dollar bills. "Here you go... and thanks."
He left the store quickly and started driving to Linda's dorm. On his way he bought a coffee and a toast for Linda. When he arrived at Linda's he put the coffee on the table and took form his pocket the tiny bag with the powder. Linda woke up from the noise the door made as it closed behind Jake.
"Oh honey, you got me breakfast... thanks.." She said as she sat on her bed.
"Here take the toast, I am going to add some stevia into your coffee so it's sweeter" Jake said as he started adding the powder into the coffee
"Oh thanks honey."
In a couple seconds Jake had dumped all the powder into the coffee, and he handed it to Linda. He stared at her for a couple minutes as she drank her coffee in order to see if she tasted something different on it, but she didn't. When she finished breakfast and had already drank all her coffee she was ready to change into something and wash her face to start the day. She got off the bed and instantly Jake felt like her legs looked softer, like she had just gained a couple pounds in a second. She started changing into something pretty. A nice crop top and her favorite jeans. She then washed her face and brushed her hair.
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Theswordsman 5 years
I can imagine the look on Linda's face if she learns what Jake did