The service 1: the bodyguard


Chapter 1 - Blindsighted

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Despite being the bodyguard of the biggest mob boss in town I never felt as though my life was in danger. I knew there were people all over who wanted my boss dead but never thought any attempt would come close to working. The boss was meeting with one of her biggest competitors to work out some sort of deal. We entered an empty board room and she sat down to wait for the others to enter. Then boom the chair exploded, killing her instantly. I was stood by the door - blindsighted.

Two men burst into the room as I come to my senses; bullets fly toward me as I run out of the room, heading for the stairs. I reach the top of the staircase as more armed guards come. Turning around, I see a large glass window. Being on the second floor and knowing I have no other option I run, smashing through the glass and falling onto the street. My strong legs catch me and I run off down alleyways and side streets.

At first, I didn't know where to go. I couldn't go back to my house because even if they didn't find me my (now ex) employer's mafia would certainly kill me for failing at my job. I had no idea what to do, but then as my strong body continued to carry me away from the scene I remembered this service. A service for those who needed to disappear and start a new. The service provided you with a completely new life and a completely new look.

I first learned about this service when a gym buddy of mine, in a similar business, gave me the service's card. It was simple to a fault, just a phone number typed on a plain white card. I had stashed the card in my safe in my apartment, going there would be a risk but I have no other choice.

I decided to go in through the fire escape. It seemed to be the less risky option. The safe is in my bedroom behind a mirror on the wall. Standing on a dumpster I use my strong arms to grab onto the escape and pull myself up. I live on the top floor and I bolt my way up the rusting metal, smashing a window to get inside. The place had been ransacked but whoever had been here appeared to have left. The front door had been left ajar. I didn't touch it instead I balanced a book on top of it; if someone enters the book will fall - alerting me.

In the bedroom, the bed had been upturned and the mirror smashed but the wooden backing still hid the safe behind which remained untouched. Opening the safe I retrieved the card and a duffle holding my stash of money then in the hall I heard a bang. The book had fallen. I grab my gun and wait near the door. One person enters, their heavy footsteps walking towards a desk in the lounge. I peek around the doorframe and they are indeed standing rummaging at the desk. The guy is facing away from me so taking my opportunity *bang*. Straight through the head. I flee back out the window before someone comes looking for him.
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Growingsofter 1 month
Great start. Hope to see more soon 🙏